Twitter Pic of the Day: Ava Dalush is a Renaissance Woman

For some reason, I’m always particularly impressed when a porn model demonstrates a talent beyond properly chugging cock.

I know it might sound awful to say such a thing, but I say it with love.

See, porn stars are people too, and when they’re kind enough to share something more than their performances with us, it’s kind of special. Almost intimate.

Someone would pay a few quid to “tribute” that for ya, Ava. I’m certain of it.

So I thought it was pretty rad when I saw Ava Dalush’s stab at a self-portrait of sorts over on her Twitter feed.

It’s pretty damned good, eh? Wonder if she’d do one of me making out with Margaret Thatcher.

Don’t act like you’ve never thought about it.

If you’d like to see some of the art (read: porn) that Ava is best known for, check out her movies on the Your Choice Web Shop.

Good work, Ava! Keep’em coming!

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