Use Your 5.00 Coupon on New Studio Listings at Your Choice!

interracialandanal2If you’re a bargain seeker, this weekend is the time to buy! See the information at the end of this E-mail to find out how to take advantage of the coupon offer.

But what should you buy? Hmmm. Obviously, your own taste is as unique as your fingerprint (or preference of underwear style). But we do recommend you take a look at the new studio sections we’ve just added to our web shop. Among those studios are Blacked.com, Sweet Sinner, Forbidden Fruits and Kelly Madison Media (a.k.a. Teen Fidelity/Porn Fidelity).

It’s worth noting that Blacked.com is both a favourite around our office and among our customers. Both the girls and boys are going bonkers over their stuff!

We’ve all seen movies that focus on white girls mixing it up with black men. The problem is that historically, many are peppered with ignorant (often downright offensive) slang and ridiculous references to inner-city culture. Technical quality has been a problem in the genre as well.

Blacked.com changed all of that when they began making DVDs late last year.

interracialandanal2_bThese movies are perfect in their simplicity; petite, ultra-pretty white girls having sex with towering, super-hung, skilful, ebony studs. The scenes occasionally have a little story (and they’re rather fun as a rule), but the focus is just on good looking people (who just happen to be of different ethnicities) getting it on.

And in the end, it’s really quite clear that everyone is having a good time. Add to that the fact they take the production side of things very seriously (the filming and editing are among the very, very best) and you get something amazing. Every. Single. Time.

Imagine that. Getting rid of the faff, putting in a lot of effort, and getting something that nearly anyone can enjoy. Who’d have thought?

You can browse our entire selection of Blacked.com movies here.

The coupon is only valid until the end of business on Monday, 6 April 2014. Make no excuses. Waste no time. Go to the Your Choice Webshop now and pick your favourites to get your GBP/EUR 5.00 off!

Please note that our office is closed on Monday, 6 April 2015. Orders made through our website on that day will be shipped the following day.

The discount coupon is valid until end of business on Monday, 6 April 2015.  The offer may be applied to one order per customer at the Your Choice Web Shop when the total at checkout equals GBP/EUR 12.00 or more. It may only be used once during the active period.  Please note: The coupon is only valid for the purchase of physical goods (DVDs and Toys) and is not valid for the purchase of digital downloads.

Here’s how to use your coupon:

1. During the checkout process, make your payment method choice on the ‘Payment Information’ page, and then, for CUSTOMERS WITHIN THE U.K., please enter the code:  2015four  into the field labelled ‘Enter Redeem Code’. (For CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE U.K. please enter the code: 2015fournl ).

2. Click the ‘Redeem’ button to the right. You MUST click the ‘Redeem’ button BEFORE going forward in the checkout process.

3. Once you’ve redeemed the coupon code, simply continue your checkout as normal.

And that’s it!

Until next time, cheers!