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If you prefer your porn to be up close, in your face and a little rough around the edges, you’re probably a fan of what they call “gonzo porn.”

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Inspired by Hunter S. Thompson’s “gonzo journalism” concept, John “Buttman” Stagliano pioneered a porn version in the 1990’s. The idea is that the person recording the events (whether it’s a journalist or a film maker) is not merely an observer, but a part of the action.

As such, those who shoot adult movies in this style tend to break the fourth wall (as it’s called in theatre and film) to interact with the performers either verbally or physically. Point of View (POV) styled movies, where the camera man is also the stud in the scene, is a type of gonzo.

Today, companies like Evil Angel, HardX, James Deen Productions, and others lead the way. Often, their films feature more aggressive sex than what can be seen in vignette or feature films. Many focus on anal, double penetration, wet/messy action, or rough sex.

They occasionally drift into the realms of even more shocking sex that includes bondage, dominant/submissive scenes, and extreme penetration.

Any any genre, these films are known for they’re best known for their raw, uninhibited intensity!

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