Free Hardcore Preview: Fairly Abused #3 – Aurora Grudge-Fucked and Annette Schwarz Has a Water Gun (Full of Piss)

I think the title of this article goes a long way. But more explanation is needed about the finale of Fairly Abused #3

See, Annette takes a hands on approach to directing porn. So in order to motivate the boys to utterly destroy Aurora (a rather cute young blonde), she fills a goddamned water pistol with urine and threatens the studs with it. If they don’t fuck Aurora hard enough, she’ll let loose!

Just watch the clip and let us know whether in laughing, jerking off, or both.

And don’t forget to snag your copy of Fairly Abused #3 at the Your Choice Web Shop. If you don’t own the first two volumes, I’d suggest you go ahead and get all three at a discount!

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