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It’s time for another of our extremely popular GBP/EUR 10.00 coupons!

Whether you’ve had special films on your wish list for some time, or simply want to browse for items that excite you the most, it’s the most flexible and affordable way to shop at Your Choice!

When your checkout total is equal to or greater than GBP/EUR 50.00, simply follow the instructions below to apply your coupon code and save up to 20% off your purchase!

When you go to place your order this weekend, be absolutely certain to take a moment and check out the latest from Your Choice Productions, SPY BABES! Read the full write-up and watch a FREE PREVIEW by clicking here.

We’ve released loads of brand new, top-tier films over the past couple weeks. To browse of all our recently added DVDs, click here.

The discount coupon is valid until end of business on Monday, 11 April 2016. The offer may be applied to one order per customer during the active period at the Your Choice Web Shop when the total at checkout equals GBP/EUR 50.00 or more.

Please note: The coupon is only valid for the purchase of physical goods (e.g. DVDs, Toys) and is not valid for the purchase of digital downloads.

Here’s how to use your coupon:

1. During the checkout process, make your payment method choice on the ‘Payment Information’ page, and then, for CUSTOMERS WITHIN THE U.K., please enter the code: 2016four into the field labelled ‘Enter Redeem Code’. (For CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE U.K. please enter the code: 2016four nl).

2. Click the ‘Redeem’ button to the right. You MUST click the ‘Redeem’ button BEFORE going forward in the checkout process.

3. Once you’ve redeemed the coupon code, simply continue your checkout as normal.

And that’s it!

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Until next time, here’s to a fine weekend ahead. We look forward to dispatching your order.


Free Hardcore Trailer: Spy Babes w/ Carly G., Tammie Lee, Leona Lee (aka Jenny Badeau), Heavens Angel

Here it is, folks!

I know I could easily be seen as biased. I do work for Your Choice. And I did help out now and then with concept and such.

But I feel like I can say, without reservation, that Spy Babes is the best hidden camera porn movie I’ve ever seen. And I’ve evaluated a lot of porn (literally tens-of-thousands of movies) in the 15 years I’ve been in the adult film business.

The trailer speaks volumes. Give it a look and you’ll see why we’re so damned excited!

And when you love it as much as we think you will, you can click here to buy your copy today!


Something Special was Just Released at Your Choice!

Click the image to find out what it is!

The "Spy Babes" have Arrived!


New Category and Studio Page at Your Choice


A few times each year, we add some new sections and other goodies to the Your Choice Web Shop. The idea being to help you find the products you’re looking for as quickly as possible.

We’ve added two new features this week that you may enjoy browsing.

First is our GROUP SEX category, perhaps best described as a section for “threesomes and more.” The DVDs in our Group Sex category feature action where three or more performers have sex in each or most of the scenes. It covers a variety gender combinations (e.g. threesomes of boy-girl-boy, girl-boy-girl, girl-girl-girl, and similar combos for four or more). There may even be a few that portray bisexual men.

It’s also a great place to find films that depict the various types of double penetration including double vaginal (DV), double anal (DA).

Have a look at our new Group Sex category now by clicking here.

Please note that gangbang videos, which focus on one performer having sex with multiple people, can be found in their own category.

You can browse our Gangbang category by clicking here.

We’ve also created a new page that lists all of the studios who have films available on our site, listed in alphabetical order. We only have so much room on the right-hand column of our site, so this new page will help you find all of your favourite studios! Click here to have a look!

Finally, don’t forget that our Spring Sale continues until the end of March! There are great deals to be had on DVDs from Evil Angel, New Sensations, Domina Files and Digital Sin!

Until next time, we wish you a wonderful weekend. We look forward to filling you next order.


Porn Star Lucia Love – Magic Wand Interview by Zara DuRose

Another “Magic Wand Interview” from Zara DuRose. This time Lucia Love is tied to a chair and has to answer interview questions while the Magic Wand is rattling away relentlessly.

The Interviews are included in Zara’s very first DVD “Zara’s Fetish Girls” which is available from us.

…as usual, if you want to keep up with the latest interviews it might also be a good idea to subscribe to the WeHeartPorn YouTube channel.

If you are on a fast internet connection or prefer full screen, high quality video please watch our full HD version!


Spring Sale is On at Your Choice!


Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to fill in your adult film collection with top-notch shows  at an astonishing price.

This time around, we’re offering up 4-Disc bundles from Evil Angel, feature-length fetish shows from Domina Files and 2-Disc compilations from Digital Sin and New Sensations!

There are over 40 items to choose from, so start selecting your favourites and place your order now by clicking here!

Or keep reading to find out more about these fantastic deals!

Evil Angel 4-Disc Bundles – Covering quite a few active Evil Angel directors and a host of genres, these boxed sets are an absolute steal at only GBP/EUR 20.00 each. Hat’s only 5.00 per disc – an absolutely unheard of price! Don’t miss out!

Domina Files – Filmed in the official dungeons of Europe’s most famous Dominant women, this series ranks among the most authentic BDSM experiences you’ll ever find on DVD. They’re perfect for lifestyle kinksters and the curious alike. At only GBP 13.50 each, there’s no better time to add or begin your collection of the Domina Files series!

New Sensations and Digital Sin 2-Disc Compilations – These sister studios rank among the oldest and best-loved from America! These two-disc sets celebrate some of their best scenes in recent years and at the price of only GBP 13.50 each, they shouldn’t be passed up. Both stuidos are particularly known for their work in the teen, taboo, and star power categories, so keep a keen eye out for those!

Again, to begin placing your order from the Your Choice Spring Sale, click here.

Sale prices are valid until 23:00 UK time on 31 March 2016. Orders placed via telephone, post, or fax are subject to an administration fee of 1.50-2.00 per item.

Until next time, we wish you a wonderful weekend. We look forward to shipping your order.


5on1 Interview w/ Porn Star Maria Mia

Straight outta Berlin…a 5on1 interview with a Berlin local. We have know her for a while now so it was great to get to a 5on1 interview with Maria Mia during last years Venus show.

She’s one of Germany’s finest porn stars and has been on the scene since 2005. You might have seen her in movies from Videorama, Inflagranti or Magma. In addition to performing she is also directing and hosting adult events by now.

Like a true Berliner she is very friendly and down to earth. She was not comfortable enough to do the interview in english though so we shot it in German and added subtitles to it.

…as usual, if you want to keep up with the latest interviews it might also be a good idea to subscribe to the WeHeartPorn YouTube channel.

If you are on a fast internet connection or prefer full screen, high quality video please watch our full HD version!


5on1 Interview w/ Porn Star Satine Spark

…and another 5on1 Interview from the busy show floor at Venus Berlin. After our last, long interview with cutie Satine Spark we were eager to get a 5on1 Interview with her as well. Luckily she managed to squeeze away from her more than busy booth at the Star Walk to face 5 random questions.

It was a pleasure to see her again after quite a while and I think the interview came out great. I hope you enjoy this short video of her and hopefully we’ll meet again soon.

…as usual, if you want to keep up with the latest interviews it might also be a good idea to subscribe to the WeHeartPorn YouTube channel.

If you are on a fast internet connection or prefer full screen, high quality video please watch our full HD version!


The submission of Emma Marxx

SubmissionEmmaMarx01With the sheer amount of movies passing through our office on a regular basis I find it hard to remember a lot of them, it is simply a LOT of porn.
However, some of these movies keep popping up and New Sensations’ “The submission of Emma Marx” with Penny Pax is one of them.

Finally the hardcore version of the movie “Secretary”? “Fifty Shades of Grey” how it should have been? I leave that decision up to you but to me they look like very fine porn movies.

There are three parts of this little porno-gem by now and our customers seem to really enjoy them as they sell as quickly as we can re-order them. I didn’t even manage to sneak out a copy for myself (just for science and research!) because they disappear too quick so for now all I had to watch was the trailers.

I reckon there are more curious cats out there so I thought it might be a nice thing to make all three trailers available in one spot. Here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. You can get hold of all three movies in the You Choice webshop. Enjoy!

The submission of Emma Marx

The submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries

The submission of Emma Marx: Exposed


Triangle Films is Back! Celebrate with 25% Off at Your Choice

Yes, you read the subject right! After being unavailable for years, the modern classics from lesbian studio Triangle Films are once again available! To celebrate the occasion, we’ve selected a dozen of their films and reduced their retail price by 25%!

But the sale prices are only valid for 48 hours, so make your order now at the Your Choice Web Shop by clicking here.

Prior to the early 2000’s lesbian sex almost felt like an afterthought among adult film makers and authenticity in the genre was rare.

But that all changed thanks in large part to Triangle Films. Founded in 2006 by real-life couple Kathryn Annelle and Susan “Shoosh” Karpman, the studio strived to create a brand of porn that allowed men and women a more authentic peek into the erotic exploits of women who love women.

Unfortunately, Triangle’s days of producing award-winning films came to an abrupt end when Shoosh passed away in late 2013, and in recent years, the studio’s films have been hard to come by.

However, lesbian porn powerhouse Girlfriends Films has recently made these lovely films available once again.

For long time fans, this 48-Hour Flash Sale is the perfect chance to fill in your collection.

For those who have never had the pleasure of seeing their legendary shows, there’s no better time to give them a go!

Click here now to order your favourites!

Sale prices are valid until 18:00 UK time on Saturday 13 February 2016.

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