A Pleasant Surprise – Ghostbusters XXX Parody

Parodies are a dime a dozen, and frankly, most of them suck. So when Brazzers’ Ghostbusters send up came across my desk, I didn’t have high hopes. At all.

In fact, I kind of looked like this.


But the fact is, the Ghostbusters XXX Parody is a lot of fun without just being stupid.

You can see what I mean in the free preview below, but really, this one is worth buying.


The cast of Ghostbusters XXX Parody includes Ana Foxxx, Monique Alexander, Nikki Benz and Romi Rain.


Porn Star Jessika Lexi – Magic Wand Interview by Zara DuRose

Here is another Magic Wand interview taken from the second DVD we made with Zara DuRose, “Zara’s Girlfriends“. This 12 minute interview features sexy Jessika Lexi and puts her stamina to the test.

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A Look at Interracial Porn in 2016

In 2007, I wrote an opinion piece for EyeOnAdult.com titled Why Interracial Porn is Stupid and So are You (For Watching It).

You can find an archived version of it here.

Between 2005 and 2007, I easily wrote hundreds of pieces for EOA, and the aforementioned article was one of a handful that received a lot of attention around the web. This one in particular was reposted in a variety of places, sparked quite a bit of discussion on major blogs, adult forums, and is still listed on the external links section of Wikipedia’s English language article on Ethnic pornography.

The gist of that article was pretty simple. Interracial porn (read black men with white women) during that time was rife with offensive stereotypes and bigoted themes centred around base, archaic viewpoints. It was also largely devoid of anything that can really be described as erotic in most cases. And finally, it all seemed to be a distinctly American syndrome in Western porn, as Europe and the UK scarcely dealt in the genre.

Now, nearly ten years later, I think its worth having another look at the genre.

In 2016, it would appear that by observing the products themselves, things have shifted a bit.

In terms of titling and marketing, interracial porn does seem to rely significantly less on the over-the-top and crude (even by porn standards) language. There seems to be less in the way of objectification for both the male and female performers, and less emphasis on de-humanisation over all.

Almost by definition however, it’s safe to say that ethnicity is still fetishised in a manner that could, and almost certainly does make many uncomfortable. And it’s probably fair to say that the most disturbing problem of all is how few in the adult industry seem to recognize that.

Another trend that has me shaking my head is the emergence of the cuckold subgenre. While there are movies in this realm that do not focus on ethnicity and simply rely on Dominant/submissive themes, it’s fair to say that the vast amount of them do focus on interactions between white couples and black males. And the bulk of that content certainly plays on a xenophobic theme; the concept of the aggressive invader out to seduce or steal the virtue of white women. The humiliation aspect, whereas the hapless husband is somehow particularly shamed because his partner has taken a black lover also plays on the fears of bigots. From my view, this is a clear regression, and may very well be a more disturbing trend than the insensitive and unimaginative marketing phrases used so frequently in the mid 2000’s.

That said, I think it’s safe to say that one of the biggest reasons we’ve seen any improvement in so-called interracial porn is the emergence of Greg Lansky’s Blacked.com line of products.

In my first article on this topic, I finished with a challenge to porn producers:

I challenge the industry professionals who are bound and determined to continue making these movies to at least make something that can actually carry itself with hot sex and great performances rather than depending on clichés, deep seeded insecurities, and bigotry. Of course, that might require hard work, so I don’t expect my challenge to be met by any of you.

Greg Lansky accepted that challenge (even if he never read my article), and succeeded.

Greg has proved, beyond any shadow of doubt, that the cheapest tricks used by previous producers in the genre simply aren’t necessary for resounding success and fanfare. Further, it proves that shock value beyond the extremely tasteful photos used to market the Blacked.com product is superfluous.

And when I say that Greg’s work in the genre is unparalleled from a production standpoint, I feel confident that few, if any, would even attempt to mount a counterargument.

And for those accomplishments, Mr. Lanksy should be praised.

But we still have a ways to go – a long ways in fact. Ultimately, it would be nice to see the end of ethnicity as a fetish. Of course, that fetisisation doesn’t end with the pairing of black men with white women, and also includes porn genres pertaining to black women, Asian women, Middle Eastern women (which seems to be increasing), and so forth. But given the prevalence of implicit or explicit xenophobia and bigotry in the United States, the end of such nonsense would be a pipe dream for the foreseeable future.

And don’t even get me fucking started on Internet forums. There are rednecks everywhere, and they have a gut-churning presence on porn fan boards.

All that said, I can’t help but wonder what adult films of this variety might look like after another decade, and I’d love you hear your thoughts on the matter.

For those of you who actually read pieces like this here on WeHeartPorn.com, I thank you. Please feel free to comment and tell us your thoughts.


Classic Your Choice Viewers’ Wives #9 & #10 Digitally Enhanced and Reissued

f_23039We’ve done a few of these reissues lately, and honestly, they’ve been even more popular than I had anticipated.

With the state of British porn on DVD being what it is (that state being that there’s very little of it), I guess people are keen to have something that harkens back to the ‘good ol’ days.’

These are really fun indeed, and they look better than ever thanks to the talents of our Production Manager, Malte Decker. For what it’s worth, this isn’t a remaster of Viewers’ Wives #9 and#10, but a digital enhancement from the master. After all, we’re talking about things that were shot at home, mostly using consumer equipment (e.g. VHS video cameras), edited, and then mastered to VHS. So there’s only so much that can be done. But there is a striking difference.

And really, we are talking about British porn history here. Hell, at the time of the original release, there was hardly anything that could be called “British porn.”

You can have a look at the free previews below. Your Choice Viewers’ Wives #09 – #10 comes as a 2 Disc set.



Congratulations to the UKAP/Your Choice Winners – JoyBear & Stella Cox

Photo Courtesy of UKAP

Photo Courtesy of UKAP

Let me start by admitting that this is a little late. Actually it’s a lot late.

Even so, I wanted to take a moment to extend our congratulations. The awards we sponsored were particularly well-earned, because they’re based on raw numbers – Full Stop.

First, let’s talk about Stella Cox, who took home our award for Your Choice Girl of the Year*. Certainly, the numbers told the tale. But beyond that, she really is this years’ breakout UK star. Nearly half of her recent DVD appearances have been with US/European companies, making her a legitimate international star. And such an achievement in today’s environment is nothing less than the result of very, very hard work.

JoyBear Pictures’ The Invitation (w/ Free Preview) won our award for Best Selling DVD of the Year**. It’s not too surprising, given that the studio is almost certainly the best active adult DVD production operation in the United Kingdom.

If you weren’t able to attend (it was industry only event, after all) but would like to have a look in on the night’s shenanigans, you can watch the entire ceremony (via Vimeo) at www.ukapawards.com

And finally, I’d like to thank UK Adult Producers (UKAP) and all the fine folks who volunteered their time to make this event happen.

* Results are determined by counting the actresses’ number of appearances in best selling, newly released British productions sold through Your Choice from July 2015 through June 2016.

**The winner is determined by Your Choice using sales data of newly released British productions (e.g. featuring primarily British talent, director, theme, or some combination) July 2015 through June 2016 and excludes all films produced by or co-produced in cooperation with Your Choice Productions.


Another Super Sale Update!

I’ve just added another 270 titles to our Super Sale!

Go now, before they sell out!


Super Sale updated!

I’ve just added over 250 titles to our Super Sale!

There is something for everybody in it,. Go there now and start browsing for more deals for only a tenner!


Lesbian Studios – You’ve Been Put on Notice

If you’re reading this and you run a lesbian porn studio, you’ve officially been but on notice by Digital Sin’s Lesbian Experience line of DVDs.

The proof can easily be found in this trailer for Women Loving Girls. Have a look. I’ll wait.


Is that not fucking great?

Look, I’m not going to name names here, but there are fans who feel that a few of the lesbian studios out there have been resting on their laurels.

I agree with them.

For several years, I’ve seen how little has changed. Same production quality, same series, same, same, same. No evolution at all.

But now, Digital Sin has raised the bar, and I suggest those of you who have been coasting on your brand names respond quickly.


Super Sale Started!

Don’t tell anybody, but our yearly Super Sale has started! We won’t officially announce it till tomorrow, but we’re giving our loyal readers a head start. Go now and start browsing for some amazing deals for only a tenner!


Porn Star Holly Kiss – Magic Wand Interview by Zara DuRose

We have just released the second DVD from Zara DuRose, “Zara’s Girlfriends“. It is a sexy lesbian DVD with a softer touch than her previous one so make sure to check it out.

The bonus section includes a slideshow and two brand new Magic Wand Interviews (which is probably the main reason why you are here anyways). So let me present you the first of those two interviews right here: Holly Kiss.

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