Office Shennanigans: Sampling Dog Treats

So I just finished a press release for next week and I went to the kitchen to get a snack.  I opened the cupboard and found some dog treats.

For the record, we actually do have a dog in the office most days.  Our fearless leader (the company owner) brings in her Cocker Spaniel, Max, on days when she comes into the office.  So it’s not like we just have dog treats randomly laying around for no good reason.

Now, back when I had a dog, I used to be quite fond of testing out his snacks.  I think it’s mainly because we’d actually buy things that looked not only tasty to dogs, but to humans as well.  Most of these were of some “jerky” variety or another.  Most of them weren’t bad either and were certainly would certainly be worth eating during some sort of apocalyptic calamity (or just when I’m hungover, there’s nothing in the fridge, and I can’t be bothered to do shopping).

Anyway, so there I am staring at these dog treats and I think, “Why the hell not?  Where’s my sense of adventure?”

This succession of photos tells the story pretty well:

The last photo is of me trying to swallow this strangely textured mass.  It didn’t happen and like a porn actress in the wrong profession, I spit it out.

Describing the taste is difficult.  I can say I think I’d rather eat sand, though.  Even paint flavoured sand would be better.

See!?  Isn’t the porn business exciting?

-Scottie Mac

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