Weekly Newsletter: Kink DVD Clearance Sale Expanded – 50+ DVDs Added!


Last week’s special 50% off clearance sale on selected items from Kink.com was so successful, we’ve decided to extend it for one more week.

Further still, over the past two days we’ve added a combined total of over 50 more DVDs to the offer, allowing you to further sample new series or expand your collection.

Be certain to order all the shows you fancy immediately.  The DVDs in our clearance sale are in limited stock and will not be reordered.  When supplies run out, they’re gone for good.  Full stop.

You can begin adding your favourites to your shopping cart now by clicking here.

If by chance you’re unfamiliar with Kink’s varying series and subject matters, here’s a quick description of just a few of our most popular lines:

DEVICE BONDAGE –  A series where female models are bound using less-than-common implements and furniture. Often, the performers are bound in very strange and uncomfortable positions. While there are occasional acts of penetrative sex, the focus is on the bondage.

BOUND GANGBANGS – The series does exactly what it says on the tin. Girls are tied up and are subjected to extremely rough sex with multiple men. The performers range from very well known American stars to young starlets.

EVERYTHING BUTT –  Focused on lesbian sex with extreme anal play. There are occasional appearances by men, however. Generally the series focuses on women dominating other women and anal penetration with toys of shocking size, fists, and other tools.

PUBLIC DISGRACE – Whether the sex takes place in a bar, store, the streets, or otherwise, Public Disgrace towers supreme when it comes to the utter public degradation of the most famous stars from the United States and Europe. Often, the public gets involved, groping, spitting on, and otherwise adding to the humiliation.

There are several more series available in the Kink.com clearance sale.  Browse them all now by clicking here.

This Week’s New Downloads

Your Choice Viewers’ Wives #58

Your Choice Viewers’ Wives #18

Your Choice Viewers’ Wives #19

Your Choice Viewers’ Wives #20

Dave’s Damp Tramps #3

Until next time, we wish you a superb weekend.  We look forward to shipping your next order.

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