Twitter Pic of the Day: Inappropriate Work Attire w/ Angel Long

Angel Long has been a favourite of mine (and most of Britain) for something around 10 years. She’s a truly brilliant performer. But that’s probably because, honestly, she’s a really wild gal.

But for all her brilliance on film, she sure as hell doesn’t understand what is and what isn’t appropriate to wear into the office. Or perhaps, it’s better said the she doesn’t know what’s appropriate to leave out of her ensemble.


Angel Long Editing Topless

Of course, I’m aware this is almost certainly taking place in her home office. So yeah, I’m having a laugh.

You can find Angel all over the intertoobs. AngelLongXXX.com is a good place to start. So is her Twitter feed (@Angel_Long).

You can also find several DVD’s featuring Angel’s rather tame sex scenes over at the Your Choice Web Shop.