Twitter Gold: Brooklyn Blue and Jessica Jensen are Chavs On the Piss

Normally, on this site being “on the piss” might be meant in a more literal sense.  Especially given that one of our best selling videos over the past year has been Public Pissing #1: The British Edition.

But here, we’re literally talking about two of Britain’s biggest stars, Brooklyn Blue and Jessica Jensen, having a bit of fun on video after a few bevs.

Jessica, when I see you in a few weeks, I won’t expect a blowjob – even though I am a man, and I have a cock. You’ve made this statement while drunk, and I just can’t bare to make you own up to it. After all, booze does strange things to people.

Anyway, be sure to check out both Brooklyn Blue and Jessica Jensen’s movies over on our DVD shop. And follow them both on Twitter for more hilarity!

Brooklyn Blue on Twitter

Jessica Jensen on Twitter