Rocco Retires from Performing (and I Feel Fine)

roccosperfectslaves2Word is that Rocco Siffredi has retired from performing.

One could easily make an argument for Rocco being porn’s greatest, all-time stud. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re looking at it from an American standpoint or from the European perspective. He’s conquered both.

I won’t lie, he’s never been one of my personal favourites, but that’s neither here nor there.

What is important is that he’s one of the most prolific and influential male performers in history, and nothing could ever take that away from him. Dare I say, he laid the ground work for the rough sex genre as we know it.

He fucks like he means it. He’s been a source of controversy while simultaneously being celebrated.

Rocco’s a big deal.

But there’s a part of me that’s glad to see him retire from performing.

There have, unfortunately, been great studs that overstayed their welcome. Guys that clearly couldn’t live up to their own legend and become something of a joke – either in a way that appeared to be on purpose or otherwise.

Luckily, that won’t happen with Rocco.

By giving it up at this age (nearly 51 years), we won’t see him fade into a shadow of his former self. We won’t have to see him desperately trying to hold his alpha status when he’s clearly been passed-by.

We get to remember him like he is, one of the greats. As they say, a man women want, and that other men want to be.

Thanks for the fine performances, Rocco.

That said, here’s the trailer for my favourite film of his in recent memory – Rocco’s Perfect Slaves #2. Granted, it has more to do with the performances put in by Sam Bentley and Alina Henessy than Rocco himself, but it’s brilliant stuff now matter how you wanna look at it.