Q&A: Customer Questions Answered

Q: What is “gonzo” porn?

A: It’s a good question, as it’s probably among the most misunderstood terms among fans.

In essence, gonzo porn works under the concept that the camera and the person operating the camera are not an imaginary fourth wall in the scene, but a participant in the action. Where performers might ignore the camera completely in story-driven features and vignettes, they actively interact with it in gonzo films. In the case of POV films, the camera man acts as the stud, filming the action from his point of view.

The origins of gonzo can be traced back the work of writer, Hunter S. Thompson and his “gonzo journalism” movement. His style of reporting rejected objectivity in favour of a subjective view of events – where the writer is a a participant rather than simply being an observer. In the 1990’s John “Buttman” Stagliano was inspired and created his own derivative in hardcore movies which flourishes today. Films by studios such as Evil Angel, HardX, Jules Jordan, and ArchAngel are the best examples of gonzo porn in the modern era.