New Releases: Mother – Daughter Exchange Club #21 and Evil Cuckold #2

Here are a couple of movies that probably couldn’t be further away from each other on the porn spectrum- Mother-Daughter Exchange Club #21 from Girlfriends and Evil Cuckold #3 from Evil Angel.

Mother-Daughter Exchange Club #21 from Girlfriends skates a fine line between tasteless and classy.  In a word, it’s an edgy kind of movie.  Either way, it certainly fulfills a fantasy I think we can all get on board with in some way.  The idea of mom’s and daughters shopping around for other mom-daughter adventurers is pretty damned exciting, if I say so, and this is coming from a guy who really isn’t all that keen on girl-girl porn.  Kind of a kick in the pants to a genre that doesn’t always tickle my fancy.

Evil Cuckold #3, directed by and starring Sean Michaels under Evil Angel’s Buttman Magazine line of products is exactly what it sounds like.  This one takes things a bit further than some other cuckold themed flicks, however, adding in some enhanced humiliation methods for the hapless husbands.  They’ll eat that cum and like it!  Bitches.

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