New Ben Dover – Never Seen in the U.K. and FREAKIN’ CHEAP!


So we just had an EXCELLENT Bend Dover flick come in that, as best as we can tell, has never been available in the U.K.

On top of that, it’s a damned fun movie.

It’s called Ben Dover’s Assylum Seekers and it really is Ben at his best!

Basically, the treatment is that Ben plays the role of a rogue U.K. immigration official who is using his position to shag unsuspecting young immigrants.  Together with his gang of agents and bureaucrats, they poke and prod their way through the kind of silly and sexy scenarios Ben is known for.

It stars a good mix of European and British performers including Ben Dover, Cathy Barry, Alexis Silver, Claudia Rossi, Jane Darling, Daphne Rosen, Sarah Twain, Natalli Di Angelo, Claudia Adams, Kristi Love, Gabriela Glazer, Cyprus Isles, and Romana Ryder.

Now, here’s the kicker.  You can buy this excellent DVD for only GBP or EUR 12.50!  Cheap as chips, mate.

But this price is only for a limited time.  As of 9am GMT on April 7th, 2011 , the price will go up to it’s permanent price.

This deal is only being discussed here on WeHeartPorn.com.  No one else knows about it, but feel free to spread the word to your friends!

Trust me, folks, this will easily be one of our best-selling DVD’s of the year and you’ll want to get your copy while the price is low!

Until next week!  Enjoy your weekend!

-Scottie Mac