Introducing Auntie Trisha in Mature British Lesbians #1 (Free Preview)

These days, women in their late 20’s are often times referred to as “mature” in porn. And frankly, that’s kind of silly. So when something like Mature British Lesbians comes along on DVD, where all the female performers are between 39 and 61 years old it’s damn refreshing.

That said, the title of this article is a little misleading. Trisha has been making porn for some time. But this is her first proper DVD, where the 61 year-old lovely can truly shine as the star of the show.

And what a star she is.

I could do a lot of talking here, but I think it’s best for you to see for yourself. Have a look at the clip below. After that, head over to Your Choice to find out more, and to buy your own copy of the DVD.


The full cast of Mature British Lesbians #1 includes Christina (51-years-old), Sammi (39-years-old), Lady Savana (58-years-old) Lily May (46-years-old), and Amy (55-years-old).