From the Archives: my first UK X-mas party

We all like a good X-mas party, but I bet your office parties are not like this one!

Almost every year some of the people in the UK adult industry are nice enough to throw a X-mas party. This was the first one I attended. As you can see everybody was having a great time.


You can see a lot more pictures here. Don’t forget to click the little arrows at the top for the other pages.



  1. donkeylovin says:

    Great gallery! Is there any chance that the girls in the photo could be ID’ed? That blonde in the pink fishnet dress and thigh-high boots getting a friend to help her keep her pants on is especially delectable!

  2. Jacco says:

    Let’s see, the first picture, that’s Sahara in pink and Lara Lee in blue. The last picture is Emma-Louise. Not sure who the other girl in the second picture is.

  3. Donkey Lovin says:

    Thanks Jacco, but it was the gorgeous little strumpet in this pic (from the gallery) that I was curious about:http://images.yourchoice.nl/galleries/X-mas-2005/slides/X-mas-2005-074.jpgThanks for reminding me of Lara Lee’s name though, I’d forgotten what a delightfully cute thing she was