Free Hardcore Trailer: The Matchmaker w/ Satine Spark, Ava Dalush, Carla Mai, and Luke Hotrod

MatchMaker_fWe always get excited when the new Joybear movie comes in. This time it’s Satine Spark taking the starring role (a personal favourite of mine) in The Matchmaker.

Porn is a sea of uncertainty. Technical quality varies. Cast quality varies. Sexual performances vary.

But Joybear is a constant. It’s pretty much always brilliant. It’s always equally accessible for  guys, girls, and couples alike. And the casts always include the very best Brits,  often coupled with the newest, budding stars.

The Matchmaker is no different.

The story goes like this:

Casey Collins (Satine Spark) is the ultimate professional matchmaker. She can find anyone the perfect partner. But when she realises that she needs a match for herself, it’s not so easy.

The full cast includes also Ashleigh Doll, Adreena Winters, Carla Mai, Ava Dalush, Jess West, Luke Hotrod, Peter O’Toole, and Marc Rose.

Here’s the trailer. Go pick up your copy now!