Free Hardcore Preview: James Deen’s Amateur Applications

So. The pro-am genre.


In the nearly 15 years I’ve been involved in the porn business, the pro-am sub-category of amateur porn is one I’ve rarely seen executed well. I don’t know why that’s the case either. It seems like an easy formula. Cute, fresh-faced newbie + experienced and reliable stud + competent director = fun porno. But it’s clearly not that simple.

I guess part of the problem is that the directors often fancy themselves to have the gift of gab with these girls, and that’s just not the case. I love interview segments with new girls when they’re done well, but most of the time…

…again. Ugh.

James Deen’s hit the mark with Amateur Applications, though. Instead of the standard interview with the girls as a lead-in, he actually talks to them like human beings.

So that helps.

And then when it comes time to start banging, they do. Nothing about this show feels formulaic. Each pairing comes off like two people who actually want to fuck each other doing just that. The camera is not a character in the scene. It’s just there doing what it does. Recording. And it doesn’t intrude on the fun being had.

For reference, the full cast includes Amy Riskowitz, Diana Colton, Ella Nova, Yhivi, Jay Taylor,  and of course, James Deen.

Take a look at the preview below and I think you’ll agree.

You’ll also agree that Jay Taylor is cute enough to make a Ford man drive a Fiat. Damn. Just. Damn.

Then, of course, we suggest you get your hands on the full-length film by clicking here.