Free Hardcore Preview: Family Secrets w/ Jodi West, Payton Simmons, and Callie Calypso

familysecrets_jodiwestForbidden Fruits Films, a relatively new studio to the Your Choice Web Shop, has made quite a splash in a short amount of time. They focus on the taboo/family sex role-play realm, but they also have plenty of non-family movies portraying seduction, coercion and trickery scenarios.

Among their most popular films and certainly my favourite so far is Family Secrets; a feature-style movie that comes with a bonus disc full of goodies.

The story goes like this:

When a young man returns home after time away, previous indiscretions with his stepmother threaten to tear the family apart. Meanwhile, a young seductress with devious intentions finds her way into their home and even further upsets the balance.

You can’t expect the same production values from Family Secrets you might from the likes of some other studios who like to dabble in incest porn role-play (New Sensations and Digital Sin, for example).

You can, however, expect truly fantastic performances.

If I’m reviewing this film, and Forbidden Fruits in general, I have to make special mention of Jodi West, who not only performs in this movie, but many others. She’s also one of the geniuses behind the writing and direction of the studio’s work.

Simply put, she’s just delightful on camera. Even when portraying situations that are supposed to be serious, you can tell she’s having a good time. There’s this wonderful, impish glint in her eyes. And from my point of view, that”s perhaps the most important thing. Like a lot of other fans, I want to see people genuinely getting off in my porn (either in the form of orgasm or just good fun). And that’s where Jodi excels.

She’s also just hot. And Jodi, if you’re reading this, should you ever want to role play with me, please just ask. It’s entirely possible that I’ll say yes.

But I digress.

Perhaps my favourite scene, though, features Callie Calypso in the role of the wanton seductress, and Tony D. as the hapless, undersexed dad. They really get into it once the shagging starts – so much so that the break the living room coffee table!

Finally, I just have to say that Payton Simmons is just adorable; looking and playing the part of the ingenue perfectly!

If there’s a place to start in the taboo sex genre or if you want to sample something from Forbidden Fruits, I’d highly recommend you start with Family Secrets. It’s the perfect example of what the studio does so well.

Enjoy the preview. When you’re finished, get your copy of the full-length feature (plus loads of bonus material) here.