Free Hardcore Preview: Anal POV Style w/ Aidra Fox, Casey Calvert, and Mick Blue

analpovstylePOV porn is fucking hard to do right.

Many attempt, and many fail.

First, you have to be a pretty damned good stud. After all, the whole idea of POV porn is that you want to place yourself in his shoes. If the guy’s a lame fuck (or has a little, weird cock or a stupid dick tattoo) then who would even want to live vicariously through him?

Then, you not only have to be able to fuck, but ya gotta fuck without making the camera jerk around like crazy. Barfing from motion sickness while spanking one off is about the least appealing thing I can think of right after french kissing Boris Johnson.

Enter Mick Blue and Anal POV Style for the HardX label.

I’m not going to lie, though. I’ve pretty much exclusively associated HardX with Mason’s work in the rough sex and star showcase realms, so I’m a little thrown for a loop.

But having seen the product, if there’s anything of the POV realm that belongs here, it’s this. Mick is not a new director, but having seen this most recent work, I’d have to say he is an emerging director.

I’d also like to make quick mention of just how goddamned beautiful Aidra Fox is. We’re talking about Hollywood kind of looks here. That said, you might be interested to know that this is her first anal scene. Ever.

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