Free Hardcore Clip: Lucia Love and Luke Hotrod in Forensic Filth

forensicfilthHere’s two of my favourite active performers going at each other’s naughty bits.

Forensic Filth is directed by Daisy Rock and Trash Meister, one of the latest in their line of original feature porn films.

It takes inspiration from the current crop of crime shows and novels and does the genre well. More of a porn adaptation of detective shows than a parody, it feels pretty heavy at times, but that Daisy and Trash’s style. It’s one most fans of British porn have come to know and love.

Lucia Love and Luke Hotrod have real chemistry, but that’s not shocking. We’ve seen them work together before with really amazing results. We’re guessing they’ve developed something of a feel for each other.

Enjoy the clip! Be sure to pick up your copy over at the Your Choice Web Shop.

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