Evil Angel’s Newest Director: Bryan Gozzling

The following is a modified version of an article that will appear in our mail order catalogue slated for release later this month.

Sometimes you need a fresh, modern take on an old favourite, and Evil Angel’s newest director does just that.

In what we’d describe as this generation’s answer to Max Hardcore, Bryan mixes an established, popular formula with a more contemporary premise.

In his “Hookup Hotshot” series, each scene has a short set-up. Using internet dating sites or mobile phone applications, he lures pretty young girls (often dressed in colourful clothing, pigtails, pastel make-up and other teeny fashions) to his home. Once there, the dominant young stud takes over, and the giggly, innocent girls submit to his devious whims.

Along with the teeny fashions mentioned previously, another thing Gozzling’s work has in common with Max Hardcore’s is the emphasis on extremely rough sex and humilation roleplay. Such acts as sloppy throat-fucking, slapping, spitting, running make-up, aggressive anal, extreme positions, choking, smothering, fish-hooking, and hair pulling are all common in Gozzling’s movies.

But above all else, the films are all about his complete and total dominance over his youthful looking female partners.

His latest film, Hookup Hotshot: Hardcore Sexting, featuring big-boobed British sensation Stella Cox, can be found in our latest catalogue.

He’s also released another six titles since joining Evil Angel, all of which are available through Your Choice. The most popular so far is a two disc set entitled Hookup Hotshot: Little Size Queens where petite princesses are put their paces in just over four hours of footage.