Congratulations to the UKAP/Your Choice Winners – JoyBear & Stella Cox

Photo Courtesy of UKAP

Photo Courtesy of UKAP

Let me start by admitting that this is a little late. Actually it’s a lot late.

Even so, I wanted to take a moment to extend our congratulations. The awards we sponsored were particularly well-earned, because they’re based on raw numbers – Full Stop.

First, let’s talk about Stella Cox, who took home our award for Your Choice Girl of the Year*. Certainly, the numbers told the tale. But beyond that, she really is this years’ breakout UK star. Nearly half of her recent DVD appearances have been with US/European companies, making her a legitimate international star. And such an achievement in today’s environment is nothing less than the result of very, very hard work.

JoyBear Pictures’ The Invitation (w/ Free Preview) won our award for Best Selling DVD of the Year**. It’s not too surprising, given that the studio is almost certainly the best active adult DVD production operation in the United Kingdom.

If you weren’t able to attend (it was industry only event, after all) but would like to have a look in on the night’s shenanigans, you can watch the entire ceremony (via Vimeo) at www.ukapawards.com

And finally, I’d like to thank UK Adult Producers (UKAP) and all the fine folks who volunteered their time to make this event happen.

* Results are determined by counting the actresses’ number of appearances in best selling, newly released British productions sold through Your Choice from July 2015 through June 2016.

**The winner is determined by Your Choice using sales data of newly released British productions (e.g. featuring primarily British talent, director, theme, or some combination) July 2015 through June 2016 and excludes all films produced by or co-produced in cooperation with Your Choice Productions.