Classic Your Choice Viewers’ Wives #9 & #10 Digitally Enhanced and Reissued

f_23039We’ve done a few of these reissues lately, and honestly, they’ve been even more popular than I had anticipated.

With the state of British porn on DVD being what it is (that state being that there’s very little of it), I guess people are keen to have something that harkens back to the ‘good ol’ days.’

These are really fun indeed, and they look better than ever thanks to the talents of our Production Manager, Malte Decker. For what it’s worth, this isn’t a remaster of Viewers’ Wives #9 and#10, but a digital enhancement from the master. After all, we’re talking about things that were shot at home, mostly using consumer equipment (e.g. VHS video cameras), edited, and then mastered to VHS. So there’s only so much that can be done. But there is a striking difference.

And really, we are talking about British porn history here. Hell, at the time of the original release, there was hardly anything that could be called “British porn.”

You can have a look at the free previews below. Your Choice Viewers’ Wives #09 – #10 comes as a 2 Disc set.