A Quick Note About the UKAP Awards

… from someone who wasn’t there.

Last night Your Choice sponsored two awards at the UK Adult Producers Awards in London. Not only did we sponsor them, we chose the nominees and winners.

Given that only porn industry folks were there and fans weren’t able to hear the speeches, I want to let everyone know how we determined the winners, specifically Best Selling DVD (Michelle Thorne: Pushing Boundaries) and Your Choice Girl of the Year (Samantha Bentley).

First and foremost, it was based entirely on statistics.

Best Selling DVD is pretty simple. It was calculated using the total sales at Your Choice (both mail-order and our retail site) of British productions during the period of 1 August 2014 through 31 July 2015 for releases in a similar period.

To qualify as a “British production,” (as categorised on our retail website) it must either be primarily shot in the UK, shot by a UK producer, and/or feature primarily British talent.

Determining the Your Choice Girl of the Year was a little more complicated, but still quite clear and easy.

We took the top ten, best-selling British DVDs (same sales period as above) and compiled all of the credited performances among female actresses. The performer with the most credits among those DVDs was the winner. And for the record, the nominees didn’t actually have to be British by birth. Tiffany Doll is French after all. But she did appear prominently in best-selling British productions. As such, she received a nomination.

That said, congrats to Michelle and Samantha and all the nominees. You deserve these awards, no doubt.

We’re very, very proud of you all.

And here’s a salute to all of the nominees and winners last night. At risk of sounding trite, the UK porn biz just wouldn’t be the same without you.