Q&A with Adult Superstar/Director Dana Vespoli

danavespoliWe caught up with Dana Vespoli, easily among the most adventurous director/performers in the modern era of adult films.

WHP: We’ve read that you’re rather shy away from the camera. Do you ever feel like a sexual superhero with a secret identity?

Dana: I’m far from a sexual superhero. I think that a porn set serves as a safe place for me to let my guard down. Scenes are cathartic for me. I’m actually not shy so much as I am socially awkward. Once I’m back out on the street I’m back to my usual, dorky self.

WHP: The porn you direct tends to be rather ambitious – far from average. What drives you to explore such complex themes?

Dana: I’m fascinated by human behavior and human relationships. Sex, for me, is about so much more than just getting off. This is why I gravitate towards themes of power transgression, gender transgression, and the connection between fear and arousal.

WHP: What adult films that inspired you to become a performer/director?

Dana: “Romance,” “Une Vraie Jeune Fille,” & “Perfect Love” from Catherine Breillat. Everything from Radley Metzger, and the old Caballero stuff like “Sex Boat” and “Hot Dreams.” The work from John Leslie, John Stagliano and Joey Silvera also inspired me.

WHP: Your work with Evil Angel covers a lot of genres. If someone is unfamiliar with your work, what are some films you’d recommend for newbies to start with?

Dana:Fluid,” “Fluid Vol. 2,” “Hollywood Babylon,” “She’s Come Undone” and “Girl/Boy

WHP: What about your lesbian films for Sweetheart Video? Are there any films/scenes you are especially proud of?

Dana: I’m especially proud of “Tombois 2” “Lesbian Stepsisters 2” and “Lesbian Babysitters10” and Lesbian Stepsisters 11.

WHP: We’ve described you as a ‘true sexual adventurer’ in the past. After over a decade in porn, are there still new things to explore?

Dana: Absolutely. As I grow, evolve, and let go, I discover the most amazing things–I am an eternal student.

Thanks a million for taking time out for us Dana! Continued success in 2015 and beyond!