Twitter Pic of the Day: Ava Dalush is a Renaissance Woman

For some reason, I’m always particularly impressed when a porn model demonstrates a talent beyond properly chugging cock.

I know it might sound awful to say such a thing, but I say it with love.

See, porn stars are people too, and when they’re kind enough to share something more than their performances with us, it’s kind of special. Almost intimate.

Someone would pay a few quid to “tribute” that for ya, Ava. I’m certain of it.

So I thought it was pretty rad when I saw Ava Dalush’s stab at a self-portrait of sorts over on her Twitter feed.

It’s pretty damned good, eh? Wonder if she’d do one of me making out with Margaret Thatcher.

Don’t act like you’ve never thought about it.

If you’d like to see some of the art (read: porn) that Ava is best known for, check out her movies on the Your Choice Web Shop.

Good work, Ava! Keep’em coming!

And you wanna see some more hidden porn star talents, check this out.


Twitter Pic of the Day: Daisy Rock’s Puppy Love


Daisy Rock’s a filthy fucker! But even smut queens have their tender moments, right?

Are bulldog kisses better than cock slaps, Daisy?

If you don’t ‘awwww’ at this pic, you’re dead inside… and you’re dead to me.

You can pick up few of her DVD’s here on the Your Choice Web Shop (we particularly recommend her own productions, Pornography #1 and Pornography #2).

You’ll also want to follow her Twitter feed (@DaisyRockUK) and check out her Official Website.


Twitter Pic of the Day – Tiffany Naylor’s Stag Night?

Tiffany Naylor, one of those perfect British wild girls, posted this photo promoting her website.

Just how many pints have you had, Miss Naylor?

Such abuse of vinyl should be criminal, don’t ya think.

We liked this one, because it’s fun. The porn biz can take itself a little too seriously at times, and it’s moments like this that adds a little relief from that syndrome. It’s like a lads night in Birmingham gone completely sideways.

You can follow Miss Naylor on Twitter (@TiffanyNaylorxx) or visit her Official Website.

If you want to order some her DVDs, click here. We particularly recommend Sex Cinema Sluts #1 from Killergram, which was once listed in our Staff Favourites section.


Twitter Pic of the Day: Rio Lee Wants You to Choke Her

Rio Lee is easily one of Britain’s greatest active stars at the moment. She also might be the most fun in real life. She genuinely seems at home in the porn life.  Hell, it wasn’t so long ago that she was looking for a slave among her Twitter followers to accompany her to the UKAP Awards show in London, and I’m pretty sure it was no joke.

Now, she’s looking for someone to choke her. No seriously. Look!


Where exactly do we sign up?

The only complaint I have is that there just isn’t enough movies featuring her out on DVD (that I’m aware of). Nonetheless, we have a few of her DVD’s over on the Your Choice Web Shop, so check’em out.

Rio posts LOTS of photos and gets on with fans quite well on Twitter, and we recommend you follow her over there (@rioleexxx). If you like the idea of being dominated, you might want to check out her FemDom focused Twitter feed (@Ms_R_Lee).  Finally, you can also visit her Official Website.


Twitter Pic of the Day: Claire Robbins Takes You to the Ladies Room

For those in the know, the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) Awards were held last night in Los Angeles. We’ll do a little recap of the big winners later, but for now…

Here’s a selfie taken in the loo during the show from one of our favourite American ginger birds, Claire Robbins.

This isn’t awkward, we swear.

Aside from bathroom photography, the XRCO is among the oldest awards shows in the business. As far as I know, only AVN has held more annual events. While it doesn’t necessarily come with a tag like “The Oscars of Porn,” it does seem to have a certain nuance of fun others don’t.

Anyhoo, if you want to watch some of Potty Photographer Claire Robbins’ work on DVD (and we highly suggest you do so), check out her movies on the Your Choice Web Shop.  You can also follow her Twitter account, @xoClaireRobbins, for loads of other fun photos and such.

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