Twitter Gold: Brooklyn Blue and Jessica Jensen are Chavs On the Piss

Normally, on this site being “on the piss” might be meant in a more literal sense.  Especially given that one of our best selling videos over the past year has been Public Pissing #1: The British Edition.

But here, we’re literally talking about two of Britain’s biggest stars, Brooklyn Blue and Jessica Jensen, having a bit of fun on video after a few bevs.

Jessica, when I see you in a few weeks, I won’t expect a blowjob – even though I am a man, and I have a cock. You’ve made this statement while drunk, and I just can’t bare to make you own up to it. After all, booze does strange things to people.

Anyway, be sure to check out both Brooklyn Blue and Jessica Jensen’s movies over on our DVD shop. And follow them both on Twitter for more hilarity!

Brooklyn Blue on Twitter

Jessica Jensen on Twitter


Twitter Pic of the Day: Get Kinky w/ Lucia Love

Not much to say, honestly. We just wanted an excuse to post this photo of Lucia Love. She just looks good enough to eat.


Hotter than a goat’s ass in a pepper patch.

However, we do encourage you to check out some of her movies over on the Your Choice Online Shop.

Rest assured, it’s not a decision you’ll regret.

And be certain, absolutely certain, to follow her exploits over on her Twitter feed.


Twitter Pic of the Day: Does Veronica Avluv Dream of Electric Sheep?

I’m starting to become fascinated by the strangely beautiful porn star selfies I’m seeing on Twitter these days.

Veronica Avluv, who apparently had a rough day yesterday if her Twitter feed (@VeronicaAvluvXX) is any indication, posted this lovely photo early this morning.

Women carry a lot of things in their purses, but I don’t think pillows are usually  one of those things. Stranger things, I guess.

We live in a brilliant age for porn fans, and this is a fine example why that’s the case. Only a few years ago, you never really got the chance to see something beyond the flesh.

In a business that often thrives on shock value, rough sex (sometimes grinding up young or otherwise amateur talent without them knowing what they’re getting in to), and pure fictitious fantasy, it’s nice to see something real.

So thanks, Veronica (among many others) for allowing us a peek into your real lives.

Be sure to pick up your favourite Veronica Avluv DVD’s at the Your Choice Web Shop. And don’t be shy about visiting her official website here.


Twitter Pic(s) of the Day: The Porn Workout w/ Kerry Louise & Sovereign Syre

One thing I think a lot of people have trouble understanding is that proper porn stars, as a rule, have to work hard in order to look like they do.

I get the idea that a lot of porn fans have this image of porn chicks showing up on set, getting their kit off, shagging, getting dressed, and going home to watch Downton Abby while eating bon-bons – all occurring in the span of just a couple hours. Further there seems to be this pervasive stereotype that girls in this business are lazy.

I’m here to tell ya that’s not the case.

Being a proper porn star is  a full-time job. They have to market themselves. They have to travel. They have to take care of their skin, hair, nails, etc.

And a lot of them go to the gym religiously.

After all, have you any idea how much leg strength/stamina it takes to bounce your asshole up and down in some variation of reverse cowgirl? A lot – full stop.

Take Kerry Louise here.

Someone asked Kerry, ‘Are you a leprechaun?’ I didn’t make that up.

There’s a reason she looks the way she does, and it ain’t Ben & Jerry’s and Coronation Street.

Well, maybe sometimes.

But the point is that if you labour under the delusion that being a porn star is about spending 30 minutes on your back and calling it a day, you’re full of malarkey.

Angel Long is another work-out maniac.

And actually, in terms of the top British girls in general, a lot of them are quite fit. Not just I’d-totally-bone-her fit, but she-could-squat-more-than-me fit.

And I can squat a lot.

Not really.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a special section in our Web Shop specifically for fit birds. But a few worth mentioning (Both among the U.S. and U.K. set) are India Summer, Julia Ann, Jasmine Jae, and Sovereign Syre.

Speaking of Sovereign Syre, look at how she spent her bank holiday. Damn!

The thought of getting my ass kicked never looked so good.


Twitter Pic of the Day: Could Resist Sarah Jane’s Arse?

We couldn’t.

Sarah Jane is one of our favourites, even if we don’t see nearly enough of her work on DVD. Aside from being sexy, she’s just a total sweetie behind the scenes, and we happy to call her a friend.

But, even being friends, I can’t help but look at her ass and think, “I bet my face would fit quite comfortably in that crease.”


*motorboat sounds*

It just dawned on my that this is the first time I’ve ever actively thought about motorboating a bum.

Anyway, thanks for being such a sexy minx, Sarah. And thanks for actually talking to me as if I weren’t a total loser anytime I see you out and about.

As I mentioned we rarely get a chance to see her on DVD, but a few noteworthy movies are:

Your Choice Viewers’ Wives #49

Your Choice Viewers’ Wives #50

On A Dogging Mission #25

On a Dogging Mission #27

You can also subscribe to her Twitter feed (@sarahjanexxx86) or spend a few quid by booking her on her Adult Work page.


Twitter Pic of the Day: Darla Crane Makes the 90’s Look Good

Darla Crane , is among one of porn’s great MILF-types. In many ways (besides not actually being my wife) she’s perfect for a guy like me.

She describes herself as a “Geeky, neurotic pop culture junkie,” and a “Commie pinko liberal.”

I’m both of those things.

We can also attest to the fact that she’s kinky. I like kinky.

Darla’s also just all kinds of hot, and not in the stereotypical Southern California, polystyrene kind of way. No, she’s the kind of chick you see in the grocery store and hope some accident has you crashing your carts together, and later crashing your junk together.

And then this photo sealed the deal:

We hope they vacuumed the carpet first. Nothing worse than cat hair tickling yer nips.

Apparently, this is Darla in a wig during the early 90’s generally dressed in a way that we feel channels Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark) perfectly. Given that Elvira waited patiently for me in my spank bank several nights out of the week when I was a teenager, you can see why this photo tickles me in my general pants area.

Thanks for sharing this, Darla.

You can check out all of the films we have starring Darla Crane here.

You can also follow her on Twitter here and visit her Official Website here.


Twitter Pic of the Day: Mai Bailey’s Vulnerable, Raw Self-Portrait

Usually, I use the Twitter Pic of the Day for comedy relief. But today, I stumbled across this rather haunting and beautiful selfie by British star, Mai Bailey.

Kind of like a Rembrandt with more tattoos.

To go along with the photo, she Tweeted:


I think this is a sentiment we can all relate to. Moments of misspent youth on holiday, be it Blackpool, Myrtle Beach, or any other place where misbehaviour is expected. Those days are long gone for most of us, but we always remember them with a grin. It’s nostalgia at it’s best.

The other thing I like about this photo is that it’s something honest. Let’s face it, porn is full of smoke and mirrors. There are some performers who are true sexual adventurers (Dana Vespoli, Lily Cade, Belladonna, India Summer, , Annette Schwarz, Mason (director for HardX, Erotica X), but most of what we see is, indeed, performance.The gaping areses, facial cumshots, and gangbangs are more often like circus tricks than pursuits of sexual gratification.

So when we happen across something so pure like this from one of Britain’s more important stars, it’s something to treasure.

Now for my sales pitch.

If you’d like to see more of her, check out Mai Bailey’s movies here.

You’d also be wise to follow her on Twitter.


Twitter Pic of the Day: A Birthday Blowjob w/ Jasmine Jae and Ryan Ryder

Here’s something you might not know; Jasmine Jae and Ryan Ryder are an off-set couple. To be precise, they’re married.

Then again, you might know all about it since Ryan and Jasmine caused something of a stir a couple of years ago. Ryan (a.k.a. Craig Chalmers) was enjoying a reasonably successful career in musical theatre – placing 5th on (yet another goddamned) TV talent competition. Sadly, his work in the porn business has put an end to his television and stage career for now. After all, the guy’s fucking talented.

Something tells me he’ll have his day again, though. In the meantime, I’d rather have him as one of the few British porn studs that matter.

All that said, it’s always nice to see a porn couple who are genuinely happy and actually still bang each other. Believe it or not, it’s pretty rare.

They were kind enough to share this candid evidence of their successful relationship; Jasmine giving Ryan some birthday head.

Awww. Isn’t that sweet! Don’t forget to gag on it a little for all us schmucks out here, Jasmine.

So well done, folks, and congrats on your birthday, Ryan.

You can check out some of Ryan Ryder’s movies by clicking here. And if you’re more interested in his wife (sorry, Ryan, but it is more likely), check out Jasmine Jae’s movies here.

You may want to follow them over on Twitter as well (@_jasmine_jae, @RyanRyderxxx)


Twitter Pic of the Day: Nuclear Hydrogen to Helium Fusion and India Summer’s Anus

So, the female form is a glorious and magical thing. Especially India Summer’s form.

And of all the pornstars I’ve come to fancy in 10 years in the business, India (and possibly Devinn Lane, even if she’s completely off the map these days) is probably the one I’d choose to go out on a date with should she consent to such a thing.

But after seeing this photo, I might be reconsidering.

Where’s Neil deGrasse Tyson when you need him? I get the idea he’s the only one who can explain this phenomena.

I mean, what if the date goes well? What if she asks me to push my unremarkable, average sized cork into her butt and this happens again.

I dunno, India. I think you’re great and all, but I don’t want to get my neatly trimmed pubes scorched.

So yeah, that was all pretty silly, but that’s the point of this column.

We have a slew of movies with Miss India herself, and you can buy them by the armful here.

They’re all rather fresh. (Check out my hip-hop slang. OG Scottie Mac in the hizzy. *drops mic*)

I would like it (and I’m sure India wouldn’t mind) if you checked out her Twitter feed (@MsIndiaSummer).

Ta for now, nerds.


Twitter Pic of the Day: Riley Reid’s Cookies and Ass

Oh, LAWD keep me from saying something stupid and sexist.

I will say that I can scarcely think of two sweeter things than cookie dough and Riley’s adorable bum.

You know that cooking in the nude is dangerous business, right?

I think I need a few tissues, ’cause I’m weeping tears of joy, salivating, and jerking off all at the same time.

Without a doubt, Ms. Riley is among the elite and most prolific performers in the porn game these days. Hell, we have more movies with her in them than some studios.

You can check out our entire selection of shows featuring Riley here.

You should also check out her Twitter feed, and her Official Website.

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