Free Hardcore Trailer: Stacked w/ Noelle Easton, Siri, Lily Love, and Brooklyn Chase

Here’s another of Mason’s new films under the recently unveiled Hard X label.

If you haven’t guessed, Stacked stars chicks with big ol’ titties. But not just any big ol’ titties. Big ol’ natural titties.

I’m not a wild over big boobs. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll suck on’em. But it’s not a thing for me. Being busty isn’t a prerequisite to get my attention, nor is it a turn off.

What is a turn on, however, is the excellent cast. They’re all beautiful, and each bring something different aside from the aforementioned big ol’ natural titties.

Siri jumps out as a favourite and that could be for a few reasons. For one thing, she’s got a great look; that fire-engine red hair, the smile, the curves. Then there’s the attitude – the comfort in her skin. And there’s her performance here. In a word, it’s astonishing. Granted, her partner (Manuel Ferrara) has a little something to do with that. It’s hard to have a bad scene with him, it seems. Either way, the chemistry between the two is palpable.

Also, a huge thumbs up to Lily Love for her lovely tan lines. That is a thing for me.

The cast list also includes Noelle Easton and Brooklyn Chase

Below is the extended trailer that I liberated from the Hard X Blog, which I encourage you visit.

I also encourage you to buy the fucking movie by clicking here. Go on. You’ll feel good about yourself afterward.



Free Extended Hardcore Trailer: Sensual Moments w/ Jenna J. Ross and Adriana Chechik

There are porn stars I have serious, embarrassing fan-boy moments over. India Summer, Samantha Bentley, Sunny Lane (which even more embarrassing because I consider her a friend), Anikka Albrite, and Mia Malkova are perfect examples.

In terms of directors, there’s only one that fascinates me in such a way, and her name is Mason.

Over the years, she’s been best known for her work in the realm of rough sex shows. And while all the choking, fish-hooking, tit-slapping-type stuff has all but become passé over the past decade or so, what makes her work stand out is that she takes great care to make sure her cast members not only know what they’re getting in to, but prefer it.

And as I’ve read in the past, it’s been a passion of hers. She has been exploring her own sexuality from behind the camera by making these movies.

Now, she’s moved on to something quite different. Sensual Moments is example of that.

Not unlike Joybear, she’s making movies that lean more towards the realm of couples friendly porn. But I hate that term, so that’s not what I’m going to call it.

What I will say is that she’s applied the same sense of passion and exploration to the films she now releases under her Erotica X label. Sensual Moments and other films under the banner are something altogether more cinematic than her gonzo work with sister label, Hard X. The result, while not anything entirely original or unheard of, competes with the best in the business.

It’s my opinion that it’s presently only rivalled in quality by the work of Eddie Powell at New Sensations/Digital Sin – two of our most popular studios.

The full cast list for Sensual Moments includes Jenna J Ross, Adriana Chechik, Teal Conrad, and Ella Milano.

So give this trailer a look. It’s a nearly seven minute sample that really gives you a taste of what to expect when you order your own copy.

(Trailer provided courtesy the Erotica X Blog)



Free Hardcore Trailer: Brit School Brats #2 – Rule Brit Tanya w/ Tanya Tate, Samantha Bentley, Franki Rider, and Lucia Love

You’ve been waiting for it. So here it is.

The first episode was a runaway hit – our best selling lesbian movie of 2013 by a good margin.

Aside from starring and being directed by super-MILF and turbogeek (I say it with love), Tanya Tate, the casts have both been excellent. And they’re just fun movies all around. They don’t take themselves too seriously. It kind of reminds me of my high school when my buddies and I made spoofy horror movies with the camcorder. They weren’t made specifically in pursuit of money, fame, or to encourage thoughtful dialogue.

It’s just good fun.

And while all the girls are gorgeous, this isn’t a glamour flick. It has a home spun quality about it. It’s obviously shot and edited by professionals, so the technical quality is high. It just doesn’t add a lot of unnecessary frills.

And seriously? Tanya and Lucia Love in a scene together? Good luck getting through more than a minute or two without making an awkward mess.

I got an office boner watching it, which is awkward.

Other scenes worth mentioning include the unparalleled Angel Long giving Delilah Dash a gym class workout! Sam Bentley (who should consider going out with me sometime, ’cause I’m rad) convinces a disgruntled teacher, Franki Rider to stay at the school when she threatens to leave over the girls’ atrocious behaviour.

The cast also includes Lexi Lowe and Roxy Mendez.

Here’s the trailer. Or don’t even bother and just buy your copy now by clicking here. If you’re a fan of Tanya, Brit Porn, lesbian porn, teen sex, MILFs, or schoolgirl uniforms, you’ll want it.


Free Hardcore Trailer: Caught in the Act #2 – Real Sex w/ Sasha Heart and Layla Luxxx

If I’m honest (and I always strive to do so here), the title and marketing language on the box cover of this film isn’t the most genuine thing in the world.

No one is actually caught in the act. The footage is all shot by pros with professional or semi-pro models.

And this is only ‘real sex‘ in the academic sense. Fellatio is performed, as is cunnilingus. Intercourse is had. But it’s still a performance and everyone knows they’re being filmed.

So don’t be left with the idea that I’m putting this movie over as some kind of genuine article in terms of the scenes being stolen tapes or actually shot by pervy, creeper types.

What I can say is that, even if it’s a facsimile of the real thing, it’s a good one.

Most of the scenes put you in the shoes of a peeping tom with the sex being shot through windows and around, through doors left ajar, and there’s one POV scene that feels very much like amateur footage.

I like this show from Adam & Eve It’s skilfully shot and performed convincingly. None of the performers mug for the camera (except when it makes sense) or give any indication they know what’s going on during the spy scenes.

I think it’s best if you just see for yourself by watching the trailer. It gives a good indicator of what you’ll see in the full-length movie. And if you a voyeur type (like me), you can buy your copy of the DVD now now by clicking here.


Free Hardcore Trailer: Public Pissing #2 w/ Samantha Bentley, Hannah Shaw, Ava Delush, and Jasmine Jae

Here’s a rare treat.

Because of the rather ridiculous nature of the British rating system, porn shot outdoors and anything containing wet stuff doesn’t come round all that often. And when it does pop up, it usually only features amateur, semi-pro or relatively unheard of professional models.

The differing factor for Public Pissing #2, of course, is that it’s full of stars.

And we’re not just talking about relatively well-known starlet-types either. Sam Bentley, Ava Dalush, and Jasmine Jae are, almost certainly, the United Kingdom’s biggest active stars.

I’ll be honest, the pee-pee thing doesn’t really do a lot for me. But this is a lot of fun.

And I have to confess, I was a little shocked to see Ava Dalush (pretty much exclusively known for high-end, couples friendly fare) piss in her tights outside a shopping center.

So this one’s for you urophiliacs.  Enjoy the trailer and get your copy today by clicking here.


Free (VERY) Hardcore Trailer: Perverse Babes #3 w/ Jasmine Jae and Lucia Love

Let me start by saying this; You will NOT find Perverse Babes #3 in your local U.K. sex shop. The idea of this show making it through the censors is, in a word, hilariballs.

For those of you who are looking for the super hardcore stuff you’re more likely to see from the likes of Kink.com or Evil Angel’s DVDs but prefer British porn stars, this is one you’ll want to own.

It’s perhaps Jasmine Jae’s performance that makes this most interesting.

She’s best known for her work in more glamour porn styled DVDs from studios like Joybear, Harmony and Marc Dorcel. She’s done some rough(ish) stuff for Killergram’s Cinema Erotika label, but nothing that really falls in the bizarre/extreme realm that I’ve seen. This is raw, extremely rough, definitely not for the faint of heart. We’re talking fisting (to the wrist), brtual face fucking, spanking, gagging, and spit in face.

Frankly, it’s disgraceful. And I fucking love it! It really is a treat to see Jasmine in something so over the top like this.

And then there’s Lucia Love, who is a particular favourite of mine. She strikes personal taste of mine. I’m an ageing goth-type (I looked marvelous in eyeliner and fishnet as a younger man), so that jet-black hair and tendency towards claret-coloured lipstick does special things to my general trousers area.

Lucia takes her abuse in Perverse Babes #3 like a champion and I envy the bloke who got to have his way with her in such a manner.

I could go on for days, but just watch the trailer below. It tells the tale in ways I never could.

And after you get all nice and frothy, go pick up your copy here.


Free Hardcore Trailer: On a Dogging Mission #29 w/ Hannah Shaw and Tiffany Kingston

A lot of the British shows we feature here are more in the realm of hardcore glamourHarmony, Marc Dorcel, and Killergram’s Cinema Erotika label do indeed get the most coverage. But that’s because, as a rule, their consistently well made and popular among our customers at the Your Choice Web Shop.

Luckily, we get some proper nasty, gonzo-type stuff from Killergram’s ‘Reality’ label, particularly, the On a Dogging Mission series.

On a Dogging Mission #29 is probably the best among recent editions. It has a perfect mix of proper U.K. porn girls and the more amateur/pro-am set and there are lots of blokes turning up for the missions to get their rocks off. For me, the more the merrier when it comes to these kinds of movies.

I like Tiffany Kingston a lot. She kind of acts as the template for everything a blonde-bombshell-type porn chick should be.

But it’s Hannah Shaw that really gets my attention in this one. She’s kind of a throwback to me.

See, I only started being exposed to British porn in the early-mid 2000’s, after I’d already started working in the porn business. So the first Brit birds that really got my attention were the likes of Angel Long and Kiera Pharrell. They’re only performers in the academic sense. In reality, they’re right sluts who are kind enough to share their exploits with us on film. And they do it without pretence.

That’s the vibe I get off Hannah.

Anyhow, I’ll stop salivating all over my keyboard and let you get to watching the clip. Also of note, the full cast includes Peaches Delight, Kaitlyn Andrews, and Sasha Valentine.

You can buy your copy now by clicking here.

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