Super Sale in Final Week! DVDs only 8.50 Each!

Hey folks.

I just wanted to post a quick reminder that we’re now in the very last week of the September Super Sale. If you haven’t taken advantage of the offer (and honestly, it really is a good one), don’t screw around any longer.

The sale comes to a close at 11pm (23:00) UK time on Thursday September 30th 2015. So this is the last weekend that the sale prices will be in effect.

Prices like this only come around once a year. Sure, we do a lot of smaller sales, but this really is something special.

And we’re not talking about lame, bargain bin stuff either. Pretty much everything on the first few pages is from top-tier studios. Most everything appeared in our mail-order catalogues too, which is a pretty serious distinction.

Go forth my perverts and rejoice!


Zara’s Fetish Girls Official DVD Release (w/ Free Preview)

We’ve been building up to this for awhile now, and the day has finally arrived.

Zara’s Fetish Girls, the first DVD from Britain’s favourite red-haired Goddess has arrived! You can read a full synopsis and get your mitts on your very own copy now by clicking here.

If you’ve been keeping up with the teasers, you’ll already know that the DVD features 5 scenes of kinky, girl-girl fun. Zara takes the Dominant role in each one, putting a mix of famous British models and a couple of fresh faces through the paces.

The full cast includes Stella Cox, Lucia Love, Lola Gatsby, Jessika Lexi, Slutty Affection (aka Slutty Barbie).

Are you ready to submit to the dark and wonderful whims of Miss Zara DuRose?

If so, click here to buy Zara’s Fetish Girls now!

And to whet your appetite, here’s the free trailer!


Zara’s Fetish Girls Preview #5 w/ Zara DuRose and Stella Cox

Here’s the fifth teaser for Zara’s first DVD, coming soon exclusively to Your Choice! Stay tuned for more!

Stella’s naked, bound and caged! Dressed to the nines in a sleek, full-length latex dress, Miss Zara’s wielding a powerful vibrating toy!


Zara’s Fetish Girls Preview #4 w/ Zara DuRose and Lola Gatsby

Here’s our fourth teaser for Zara’s first DVD, coming soon exclusively to Your Choice! Stay tuned for more!

Bratty Lola starts out sassy, but Miss Zara puts her in her place immediately!


A Quick Note About the UKAP Awards

… from someone who wasn’t there.

Last night Your Choice sponsored two awards at the UK Adult Producers Awards in London. Not only did we sponsor them, we chose the nominees and winners.

Given that only porn industry folks were there and fans weren’t able to hear the speeches, I want to let everyone know how we determined the winners, specifically Best Selling DVD (Michelle Thorne: Pushing Boundaries) and Your Choice Girl of the Year (Samantha Bentley).

First and foremost, it was based entirely on statistics.

Best Selling DVD is pretty simple. It was calculated using the total sales at Your Choice (both mail-order and our retail site) of British productions during the period of 1 August 2014 through 31 July 2015 for releases in a similar period.

To qualify as a “British production,” (as categorised on our retail website) it must either be primarily shot in the UK, shot by a UK producer, and/or feature primarily British talent.

Determining the Your Choice Girl of the Year was a little more complicated, but still quite clear and easy.

We took the top ten, best-selling British DVDs (same sales period as above) and compiled all of the credited performances among female actresses. The performer with the most credits among those DVDs was the winner. And for the record, the nominees didn’t actually have to be British by birth. Tiffany Doll is French after all. But she did appear prominently in best-selling British productions. As such, she received a nomination.

That said, congrats to Michelle and Samantha and all the nominees. You deserve these awards, no doubt.

We’re very, very proud of you all.

And here’s a salute to all of the nominees and winners last night. At risk of sounding trite, the UK porn biz just wouldn’t be the same without you.


Second preview of Zara’s Fetish Girls.

Here’s our second teaser for Zara’s first DVD, coming soon exclusively to Your Choice! Stay tuned for more!

Latex clad Zara and Lucia Love get frisky in the kitchen with some cream.


First preview of Zara’s Fetish Girls!

Here’s a little teaser for Zara’s first DVD, coming soon exclusively to Your Choice!

Zara is unwrapping a very special present in this clip…


Free Hardcore Preview: Angela Loves Threesomes

Aussie superstar Angela White has produced another winner.
Starring: Angela White, Jada Stevens, Kagney Linn Karter, Bonnie Rotten and the studs.

Check out the trailer. Buy the movie.


Let’s Talk About: Exploitation (or The Lack Thereof) in Porn

My boss (who may or not be checking in here over the next week or so) told me at one point that he wanted to see more of my editorial-type stuff here, so here it goes.

More often times than not, when I read/hear/watch an anti-porn viewpoint, whether it’s coming from the perspective of social conservatism, feminism or some other -ism, concerns of widespread exploitation of performers enters the mix.

It tugs at the ol’ heartstrings, doesn’t it?

The problem is that I’ve never seen any real data to back up such claims. Instead, we hear anecdotes from former performers who went through difficult times before, during and/or after their careers as adult film actors.

And those anecdotes are used in large part because there isn’t really any reliable data on the subject.

So until the time is such that a real study is done with proper method by qualified persons, let’s just go ahead and talk anecdotes.

I’ve met and interacted with a lot of performers (dozens and dozens) since the early 2000’s, mostly women and men who perform girl-girl and boy-girl scenes. And through that entire time, I’ve only met one whom I believe was truly being exploited.

I won’t mention names, but she was a very big star. But she was known to have serious addiction issues and was by all accounts in an abusive relationship. And what I saw the day I met her supported those claims.

But beyond that one woman, I can’t honestly think of another.

That doesn’t mean it never happens. I’m sure it does. And that includes the ‘gay’ side of things.

But is there an epidemic of lost men and women in legal, mainstream porn production who are being used, abused, and coerced?

My answer is no.

In fact, I believe there’s a solid argument to be made that other industries, particularly retail, food service and the corporate realm, employees are systematically exploited more than adult performers.

But that’s another conversation.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that I believe everyone who decides to model in porn films has really thought it through carefully. I’m not going to tell you that there aren’t models performing extreme sex acts specifically because it pays more.

I’m not going to tell you that everyone who acts in porn movies are happy with their job. And I’m not going to tell you that every single member of the porn performing community has their head screwed on straight.

But does that mean exploitation is widespread?

I say no.

What I can say, from my extensive experience, is this:

Most of the porn performers I’ve met, especially the ones who are successful, seem to be well-adjusted, thoughtful, brave, intelligent, healthy people who simply see the world differently than the ilk that tend to criticise them. They celebrate themselves in ways many of us never could.

To the critics, I say this…

You can detest porn all you like. You can make all the anecdotal, unfounded claims you like.

But I ask this…

When you look back on your own life- your past and present- who has been more exploited? The people who willingly act in pornographic films without shame and are paid excellent wages to do so? Or you?

Something tells me that if you’re honest with yourself, you may be surprised by your answer.-SMcG


Free Hardcore Preview: Art of Romance #5

Now this is my kind of movie!
Directed by one of my favourite directors, Mason.
With Remy LaCroix, Mia Malkova, Ariana Marie and Ana Foxxx.

Check out the trailer. Buy the movie.

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