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Twitter Gold: Brooklyn Blue and Jessica Jensen are Chavs On the Piss

Normally, on this site being “on the piss” might be meant in a more literal sense.  Especially given that one of our best selling videos over the past year has been Public Pissing #1: The British Edition.

But here, we’re literally talking about two of Britain’s biggest stars, Brooklyn Blue and Jessica Jensen, having a bit of fun on video after a few bevs.

Jessica, when I see you in a few weeks, I won’t expect a blowjob – even though I am a man, and I have a cock. You’ve made this statement while drunk, and I just can’t bare to make you own up to it. After all, booze does strange things to people.

Anyway, be sure to check out both Brooklyn Blue and Jessica Jensen’s movies over on our DVD shop. And follow them both on Twitter for more hilarity!

Brooklyn Blue on Twitter

Jessica Jensen on Twitter


Free Hardcore Preview: Family Secrets w/ Jodi West, Payton Simmons, and Callie Calypso

familysecrets_jodiwestForbidden Fruits Films, a relatively new studio to the Your Choice Web Shop, has made quite a splash in a short amount of time. They focus on the taboo/family sex role-play realm, but they also have plenty of non-family movies portraying seduction, coercion and trickery scenarios.

Among their most popular films and certainly my favourite so far is Family Secrets; a feature-style movie that comes with a bonus disc full of goodies.

The story goes like this:

When a young man returns home after time away, previous indiscretions with his stepmother threaten to tear the family apart. Meanwhile, a young seductress with devious intentions finds her way into their home and even further upsets the balance.

You can’t expect the same production values from Family Secrets you might from the likes of some other studios who like to dabble in incest porn role-play (New Sensations and Digital Sin, for example).

You can, however, expect truly fantastic performances.

If I’m reviewing this film, and Forbidden Fruits in general, I have to make special mention of Jodi West, who not only performs in this movie, but many others. She’s also one of the geniuses behind the writing and direction of the studio’s work.

Simply put, she’s just delightful on camera. Even when portraying situations that are supposed to be serious, you can tell she’s having a good time. There’s this wonderful, impish glint in her eyes. And from my point of view, that”s perhaps the most important thing. Like a lot of other fans, I want to see people genuinely getting off in my porn (either in the form of orgasm or just good fun). And that’s where Jodi excels.

She’s also just hot. And Jodi, if you’re reading this, should you ever want to role play with me, please just ask. It’s entirely possible that I’ll say yes.

But I digress.

Perhaps my favourite scene, though, features Callie Calypso in the role of the wanton seductress, and Tony D. as the hapless, undersexed dad. They really get into it once the shagging starts – so much so that the break the living room coffee table!

Finally, I just have to say that Payton Simmons is just adorable; looking and playing the part of the ingenue perfectly!

If there’s a place to start in the taboo sex genre or if you want to sample something from Forbidden Fruits, I’d highly recommend you start with Family Secrets. It’s the perfect example of what the studio does so well.

Enjoy the preview. When you’re finished, get your copy of the full-length feature (plus loads of bonus material) here.


Weekly Newsletter: Lots of New Releases at Your Choice + New Previews!


We’ve been doing our very best to make sure the Your Choice Web Shop is up to date with the latest releases! Several times per week, we add new films from the very best studios.

With all of these great shows going live on our site, there’s a few you may have missed. Among the most interesting are:

MILFS ANTHOLOGY (2 Disc Set) – A look back at the truly exceptional, mature women that have appeared in Marc Dorcel’s singular films! Extremely Highly Recommended!

GANGBANG ME – One of the most anticipated films of 2014 has arrived! Even the toughest critics are giving rave reviews to the stunning performances! Get ready for incredible feats of extreme penetration and brutal fucking with adult superstars who truly love it! Directed by Mason, possibly porn’s greatest gangbang and rough-sex shooter of all time! Very Highly Recommended!

mommyandmefrontMOMMY & ME #10 – Directed by and starring British MILF Superstar, Tanya Tate. Taboo lust blossoms as doting mums guide their daughters in to a whole new world.

BLACK BEAUTIES – Eddie Powell directs this eye-opening showcase for four of adult film’s most beautiful, cocoa-skinned, goddesses. In a movie free from ignorant, ethnic stereotypes, the focus is purely on natural beauty, charisma and mesmerizing sexuality. Highly Recommended!

All the latest from EVIL ANGEL including…

PUSSY WHIPPED #2  – Evil Angel’s newest female director, gorgeous, smart and naturally busty Aiden Starr, explores the twisted world of lesbian domination! This petite blonde bitch knows how to make girls behave!


maneatersMANEATERS #2 – Director Glenn King shows off his zest for aggressive, horny women dominating mild-mannered males. Each scene starts with a short POV segment in which the wild wench spreads her ass and demands viewer worship. Glenn interviews the bitchy broads about their dominant proclivities, but these hussies are impatient for dick.

Also, brand new shows from KINK.COM including…

TS PUSSY HUNTERS: RAIN DEGRAY CLONED BY BEAUTIFUL TS JOANNA JET – British, trans-woman superstar, Joanna Jet fucks Rain like she’s the last pussy in space. These two shag all over the floor until cum spurts out of Joanna all over Rain.


SEX & SUBMISSION: CHEATING WIFE GETS WHAT SHE DESERVES – Juliette March gets a lot more than she bargains for from the local handyman. She gets roughhoused and tossed around like a rag doll, face fucked and ass fucked in bondage.


Don’t forget to check our new FREE PREVIEWS section at the Your Choice Web Shop. We’ll be updating weekly with trailers and clips from the hottest movies!


Until next time, here’s wishing you a superb weekend. We look forward to dispatching your upcoming order.


Your Choice standard delivery policy:

-Everything we supply to UK customers is sent from within the UK.

-Delivery is GUARANTEED!

-Delivery times are listed on each individual product page.

-FREE SHIPPING to the United Kingdom and Europe!



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Tel from UK: 0203 514 5624 or 0031 206 204 209
Tel from EU: +31 206 204 209
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Free Hardcore Preview: My Brother Has a Big Dick #2 w/ Ava Dalush and Bailey Bae

I promised a trailer for My Brother Has a Big Dick #2. I’m a man of my word.

I won’t go into a lengthy review here, though it’s probably worth it. The first in the series was a big hit, and things are really heating up in the taboo/family sex genre in general.

But I really want to take a moment to make a bit of a fuss over porn newbie  Bailey Bae.

Bailey and Xander Corvus (one of the best active studs in the game – full stop) put on a very fun show here. The set up is a tried and true one, with Bailey sniffing around her step-brother’s junk while he snoozes on couch. She plays the bratty aggressor perfectly, trying to convince him it’s okay to show her. Besides, she’s already been spying on him in the shower.

She has a beguiling smile, and eventually Xander gives in. When he pulls it out, she goes convincingly starry eyed and grabs it before he can put it away.

Really, beyond being just downright beautiful, she plays this all so well, that her scene alone is worth the price of the full-length movie. Easily among the the best taboo sex scenes I’ve come across in recent memory.

The full female cast includes Aidra Fox, Brianna Brooks, and Britain’s own Ava Dalush!

Anyhow, here’s the trailer. Go pick up your own copy of My Brother Has a Big Dick #2 now!


Problems with Porn: Does This Look Like a Fucking Nurse to You?

Take a look at the following photo.  It’s a screen shot from nurse-themed movie that came across my desk. As such, you’d think proper looking uniforms would be a given.

That said, allow me to ask, “Does this look like a fucking nurse to you?”


Properly lacing a PVC corset is an important part of nursing school.

Now, I know what some of you are going to say. “It’s porn. What do you expect?”

I’ll tell you. I expect porn producers to do their best and not shit out a disposable, misleading product.

And you might think that no one cares, but I know some do.  I’m one of them.

Another example is that we have a customer who’s really into themed, costume movies. Anything with nurses, offices girls, etc. he wants. And he doesn’t really want anything else.

I knew this movie was here, and I didn’t even want to recommend it to him. Because even if the other scenes on the disc do feature (really fucking cheap) nurses costumes, how would I feel about if I paid full price for something so remarkably mediocre based on the recommendation of someone who knows better?

So I personally did not recommend it.

Producers might be thinking, “Oh, it’s just a few sales here and there. It’s the big numbers that matter.”

Fuck you.

I’m here to tell you, John Q. Porn-Producer, your big numbers will get a fuck-ton smaller if you don’t give a damn about your product. Reason being, everyone else will stop giving a damn as well.

And before you continue with your bullshit excuses, let me say this.

People in the porn business love to moan about how piracy  has caused our industry’s downturn. And I can’t deny that file sharing of this variety or that is a problem.

But there’s a reason so many people think they deserve porn movies for free. It’s because many products lack value.

There are plenty of notable exceptions to this, of course. I could rattle off a dozen studios and directors that go above and beyond – people who are passionate about what they do. And frankly, 2014 is a good time for quality porn.

After all, lots of barely mediocre to downright awful porn companies fell apart in the late 2000’s and early teens.

But there are still plenty of lingering, lazy fucks producing porn.

Customer beware.

(And yes. I’m writing this as a retailer.)


Free Hardcore Preview: Born Flirty #4 w/ Ashlyn Molloy and Callie Calypso by Teen Fidelity

bornflirty4Looking for something new and downright brilliant?

Allow me to introduce Kelly Madison Media (a.k.a. Teen Fidelity and Porn Fidelity) – possibly the best new porn studio I’ve come across in years.

I say new, but they’re really only new to me. Internet porn enthusiasts have known Kelly and her husband Ryan’s work for sometime now. But thanks to a new distribution deal, I’m now seeing their work for the first time on DVD.

Today we feature a DVD under the Teen Fidelity banner called Born Flirty #4, and it’s already one of my favourite movies of the year.

Callie Calypso has become a favourite of mine recently thanks to her stunning work with Forbidden Fruits, and she turns in a scorcher to open the movie.

As a side note, I got word from Jodi West that Callie’s now focusing on non-porn work. Hopefully, there’s plenty of scenes in the can that will keep us entertained for some time. ‘Cause, damn… we’re loving these Florida girls.

Ashlyn Molloy is total heartbreaker. Her exhibitionist, semi-public scene is among the best I’ve seen in recent memory. She’s won a real fan in me based on this scene alone.

The rest of the cast includes Daisy Summers, Kiera Winters,  and Ryan Madison himself.

The only issue with these films so far is that the audio levels between the music and the ambient sound (dialogue when there is some, sex sounds) are not consistent. You have to ride your volume buttons constantly if you want to hear what’s going on or avoid waking the neighbours. I suspect (and hope) this will be fixed soon – because other than the audio issue, Ryan and Kelly Madison’s movies here is among the best of the best.

Here’s the trailer for Born Flirty #4, and it really must be seen to understand just how good this stuff really is. Get your copy on DVD now by clicking here.


Free Hardcore Gallery: Ava Dalush in My Brother Has a Big Dick #2

mybrotherhasabigdick2Ava Dalush, arguably Britain’s most beautiful porn star, is taking America by storm in what appears to be her State-side, DVD debut.

And dare I say, it’s in a saucy genre!

May we present, My Brother Has a Big Dick #2.

The taboo genre in all its variances have become extremely popular and I can see why. It’s just so goddamned naughty! Most deal with step-family scenarios, which makes sense – like a sign of the times. After all, in America and Britain, about half of marriages end in divorce and many kids are born out of wedlock entirely. So when families blend (and those families include horny teenagers/college-aged folks, hanky-panky is bound to go down.

As for Ava Dalush, we suspect that this film could be just the start of her becoming a true international star. Only Samantha Bentley has followed a similar path in recent memory, and I’m pleased to see another Brit making waves across the pond.

I’ll post a trailer later on (maybe early next week or at the weekend), but for now, here’s a hardcore gallery to make your special bits tingle.

Ava, let us go on record that we love you just the same… even if you do screw your yankee step-brother.

Go get your mitts on this one now by clicking here.


Free Hardcore Preview: Girlfriend Confessions #1 w/ Bonnie Rose, Hanna Shaw, Jaiden West, and Jasmine Jae

Girlfriend Confessions #1 is another from top British director, Disanto. This one is a rather different when compared to the movie we mentioned on Saturday, The Art of Control, though.

Though still in the realm of vignettes with each scene being a stand-alone story, Girlfriend Confessions #1 is altogether more stripped down and gonzo-feeling.

Largely shot in a kind of pseudo-POV, the girls come home to their boyfriends from a night out partying. When the fellows press them about what they’ve been up to, the naughty girls shamelessly confess to infidelities, but make up for it by showing their boyfriends a real good time.

Girlfriend Confessions #1 touches on the cuckold/hotwife genre, which is wildly popular. But I like that they don’t make it about ethnicity like so many others do. It’s not about big, black, beastly studs sweeping white women away.

Girlfriend Confessions #1 is just about greedy, naughty women who can’t help themselves – and that’s a rather exciting notion, isn’t it? And there’s loads of dirty talk here, so if that’s you’re thing, make sure you pick this one up.

The full female cast includes Bonnie Rose, Hanna Shaw, Jaiden West, Jasmine Jae, Valerie Fox.

I just have to give special mention of Bonnie Rose here. She’s a personal favourite of mine, but she’s particularly great in this one. She can come home to me stinking of gin and strange spunk anytime!

Here’s the trailer. Get your copy now from the Your Choice Web Shop.


Free Hardcore Preview: The Art of Control w/ Lexi Lowe, Kerry Louise, and Chessie Kay

Here’s one from Disanto entitled The Art of Control.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of his films, and that’s unfortunate.

While Gazzman (Harmony, Private) and Kendo (Marc Dorcel, Viv Thomas) seems get most of the attention among high-end British directors, Disanto is something of an unsung hero.

Disanto’s work is easily among the best Britain has had to offer in the past 10 years or so. One could make the argument that he’s among the best active directors in Europe as a whole.

And as versitile as his movies are, it’s high-end vignette pieces like The Art of Control that are probably his strongest work. That is if popularity on our Web Shop is any indicator.

Some similar movies by Disanto, like Pleasures Edge: Fifty Shades of Erotica, Skin Trade, and Sexual Interrogation,we’re quite popular with fans – mixing glam sensibility with rough, fetish-inspired sex.

Here’s the trailer for The Art of Control. The full female cast includes Chessie Kay, Lexi Lowe, Kerry Louise, Jaiden West, and Stella Cox. Be sure to head over to the Your Choice Web Shop to get the full-length movie.

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