Free Hardcore Preview: Hardcore Gangbang – Pledge Week w/ Samantha Bentley

If you watched our interview with Samantha Bentley, you might remember that she briefly mentioned this film when she was discussing her work in the rough sex/BDSM realm.

Until this week, it’s only been available through the Kink.com family of websites.

However, today you can own an official copy on DVD.

Hardcore Gangbang – Pledge Week can only be described as Sam in her element – purely submissive, used, abused, and utterly fucked to shreds.

If you’re a fan of Sam Bentley, you simply own this film. After all, it’s a landmark for her. She’s never done a proper gangbang on film and purposely waited to pop that particular cherry until she could do it with the gang at Kink.

In fact, we feel like it’s a collectors item for any true fan of British porn stars.

And Samantha, we’re pretty sure you’re reading this, so let us once again say congratulations on a stunning piece of work.

Please note, however, that we cannot supply this film to customers in the United States due to copyright and distribution restrictions.

Enjoy the preview, then be sure to get your copy of Hardcore Gangbang – Pledge Week at the Your Choice Web Shop.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us at Your Choice!

Here’s a nice picture of Ava Dalush.




Q&A: Customer Questions Answered

Q: What is “gonzo” porn?

A: It’s a good question, as it’s probably among the most misunderstood terms among fans.

In essence, gonzo porn works under the concept that the camera and the person operating the camera are not an imaginary fourth wall in the scene, but a participant in the action. Where performers might ignore the camera completely in story-driven features and vignettes, they actively interact with it in gonzo films. In the case of POV films, the camera man acts as the stud, filming the action from his point of view.

The origins of gonzo can be traced back the work of writer, Hunter S. Thompson and his “gonzo journalism” movement. His style of reporting rejected objectivity in favour of a subjective view of events – where the writer is a a participant rather than simply being an observer. In the 1990’s John “Buttman” Stagliano was inspired and created his own derivative in hardcore movies which flourishes today. Films by studios such as Evil Angel, HardX, Jules Jordan, and ArchAngel are the best examples of gonzo porn in the modern era.


Q&A – Customer Questions Answered


Q: I saw Alexis Texas starring in the girls-only film Alexis & Asa. Is she only doing lesbian movies now?

A: She’s on hiatus from shooting hardcore entirely at the moment. Her exclusive contract with Adam & Eve expired and she’s primarily focused on making special appearances at strip clubs all over the United States. So unfortunately, we may not see any new scenes with her in the foreseeable future – lesbian or otherwise.

Q: What happened to Belladonna?

A: She largely stopped performing in 2007 due to health concerns. She made rare, scattered appearances until 2012 when she retired completely. Today, Belladonna Entertainment is headed by partner, Aiden Riley. His films are superb and very similar to the shows Belladonna made as a director. Of Riley’s recent work focusing on rough and bizarre lesbian porn, we suggest Spontaneass #2 , Sloppy and Fucking Girls #8.


Do you have a question about your favourite model or adult films in general? Let us know here or email info@yourchoice.nl and we will try to answer your questions.




Fit by JoyBear Now Available at Your Choice

fit from JoybearFans have been asking for it, so we wanted to take a second to let everyone know that Fit, the latest from JoyBear is now available at the Your Choice Web Shop!

This one is a little different that the other films you might have seen from the studio. It has the same high-quality production and a British, star-studded cast, but this time you get something of a vignette piece rather than a full-length feature.

Here’s the description from our website:

Starring: Jasmine Jae, Sienna Day, Amarna Miller, Lucia Love, Aruba Jasmine, Ava Austen, studs.

Britain’s best and brightest get outside, get active and ultimately get together in pursuit of the perfect body.

Sienna and Aruba will inspire a vigorous wrist workout when their yoga session leads to luscious lesbian sex.

Jasmine Jae looks phenomenal in her sweaty, boy/girl boxing-turned-boning lesson. Highly Recommended!

Running Time 1 Hour 35 Minutes – NTSC

Click here to get your copy now!


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Free Hardcore Photos: Night Creatures w/ Samantha Bentley, Lexi Lowe, and Omar

Night Creatures is easily Harmony’s most anticipated film of the year and it boasts some what are easily two of Britain’s best and brightest (Lexi Lowe and Samantha Bentley if you’re not keeping up).

Throw in Omar, arguably the United Kingdom’s all-time greatest stud, and you’ve got something pretty damned magical.

It’s a big deal.

Anyway, here’s some great shots from the scene that has everyone talking.

Check’em out below and go get your copy of Night Creatures at the Your Choice Web Shop today!

Keep an eye out for more galleries soon!


Free Hardcore Preview: Night Creatures w/ Samantha Bentley, Lexi Lowe, Jasmine Jae and Rio Lee

So, I really don’t have to say a lot about Night Creatures from Harmony, do I?

If you keep up with British porn or top British porn stars (Samantha Bentley, Lexi Lowe, Jasmine Jae and Rio Lee among others), you’ve already heard about this one.

After all, there’s been a fair amount of hubbub made about Lexi and Sam doing their first “interracial” scene. Weird thing is that we thought Omar was a human being. By virtue of this being billed as an interracial scene, it leads us to believe that he is perhaps not of the same species as the rest of us. No wonder he has such a huge cock.

Then again, it could perhaps be better described as an inter-ethnic scene, even if that isn’t even completely correct. After all, everyone’s British.

The only thing I really need to add to the conversation is that Night Creatures is quintessential Tanya Hyde. It’s rough, there’s plenty of kinky clothes and BDSM-inspired hardcore sex, and it looks downright brilliant.

Here’s the trailer. Get your copy now by clicking here.




Free Hardcore Preview: Can’t Take It w/ Samantha Rone

Here’s another great one from Teen Fidelity (Kelly Madison Media).

Can’t Take It is a strange title, at least until you get your head around the idea that it’s about tiny, teen girls wiggling, giggling, grunting and gnashing teeth as they they’re impaled on Ryan Madison’s impressive hardware.

It is the ultimate male fantasy, isn’t it? To be the ultimate plunderer of young pussy. To feel big and strong.

And it has Samantha Rone in it, which is rad. We’re actually starting to see her show up more and more in hardcore DVD’s, which makes me a happy and horny boy. I mean, seriously. Isn’t she just fucking adorable?

I also want to point out that Can’t Take It, like all of the DVDs put out by Kelly and Ryan Madison, comes with a second disc that’s full of awesome extras. The behind the scenes/fluffing footage is almost as stroke worthy as the main feature’s scenes.

Enjoy the preview. Go pick up your copy now at the Your Choice Web Shop.


We Don’t Update This Enough (We Know)

You can consider this an apology if you like.

That said, I feel like I should explain, at least a little.

Your Choice is a small company, but we do quite a bit of business. The people that work here (like me) end up wearing a lot of hats as they say.

Sometimes, those hats are worn simultaneously.

Sometimes, those hats are worn simultaneously.

That means that projects that aren’t 100% essential to day-to-day operations are neglected, especially when people are away on holidays and such.

It kind of sucks, because I really enjoy entertaining all you wonderful pervs.

But the important take-away from all this though is that our Web Shop never goes ignored. We may not be able to update the blog, but you can be sure we’re keeping up with all the latest, greatest porn in the world – day in and day out.

And that’s not just hyperbole, either. We reject a lot of DVD’s because they don’t meet our quality standards.

Anyway, I’m not doing my job if I don’t encourage you to go buy some fucking porn right this moment. One of my bosses insists I “ask for the sale.”

Speaking of porn you should buy

Here’s a picture of Samantha Bentley and Lexi Lowe (Your Choice Girl of the Year 2014) with Omar Williams‘ spooge on their faces.


This is a promo image for Night Creatures, the latest big thing from Harmony.

Go on. Get yours now and make me look good to my bosses.


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