We Won’t Let Porn Studios Rip You Off

At least, we do our best. At Your Choice, we’re fans first. We genuinely love porn (thus the name of our blog) and we don’t like scam artists.

Unfortunately, over the course of my 15 some odd years in porn, there have always been some studios out there trying to make a few quid the easy way; with no regard for the audience they are supposed to serve.

During one of our screening sessions (where we try to weed out the faff), we ran across a studio that was clearly cutting corners and duplicating scenes across different DVD’s. So you might buy one of their movies, only to see one of those scenes again later in another film that isn’t clearly labeled as a compilation or the like.

In one of the movies where I personally caught them in the act, the studio/supplier claimed that the scene in question was supposed to be a bonus scene.

But I can tell you that’s a load of horse shit based on how that movie was marketed.

So, knowing these guys are either A) dishonest as all fuck, B) incompetent as all fuck, or C) a little of both, we won’t be offering any more of their films.

We’ve removed that studio from our list on the Your Choice Web Shop, and will no longer promote them on the web or in mail order catalogues.

And at risk of sounding quite pleased with ourselves, this is a classic reason for why you should buy your porn with us.

They say the buyer should beware, and there’s a lot of truth to that. But we think the seller should do the same so that the buyer can shop a little easier.


Your Choice Flash Sale – Lesbian Films 25% Off


Among our best-selling movies are those that feature girls loving girls. It’s not shocking either, given that a few of porn’s very best studios specialise in the genre.

Since lesbian films are so popular, we decided to take a few of the most interesting films and offer a special discount for 48 hours. That way, you can try something new or simply take the opportunity to expand your collection with some top-notch DVDs.

You can begin picking out your favourites and adding those to your cart now by clicking here.

Anyone who knows anything about lesbian porn is familiar Girlfriend’s Films. Since 2002, they’ve set the gold standard in the genre.

You’ll find a few of their films among the sale items, but there are a couple of other labels we’d like to draw special attention. In terms of quality, stars, and performances, they certainly rival Girlfriends’ stellar shows.

First, there’s SWEETHEART VIDEO. The films you’ll find in the sale are all directed by superstar director/performer, Dana Vespoli. Regardless of genre, they’re some of the most impressive shows we offer, and a couple of series have ranked among our most popular. As a rule, the films are comprised of themed vignettes – each scene having a clear story and set up that leads to the intense sexual situations.

Next, there’s GIRLSWAY, a relatively new studio. They primarily focus on taboo family role-play, older-younger scenarios, girl-girl anal sex, and dramatic games of manipulation. They’re also becoming well known for their all-star casts.

Finally, be sure to look closely for  titles from Evil Angel, Viv Thomas, Wicked, the ever popular Filly Films, and extreme sex specialists (fisting, pissing) DevotionXXX.

Click here now to see all the films in our 48 Hour lesbian sex flash sale!

Sale prices are valid until 18:00 UK time on Saturday, 11 July 2015.


Free Hardcore Preview: Daddy’s Girls #2 w/ Riley Reid, Maddy O’Reilly, and Ryan Mclane

daddysgirls2So here we go – the long awaited follow-up to B. Skow’s award nominated Daddy’s Girls.

I raved about the the first volume. Besides having a hell of a cast, it felt like a throwback to the fucked up stories porn directors used to tell in the 70’s.

And the sequel? Well, I’m not going to rave about it. It’s good – damned good. I’m just not sure it’s great. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

This time around, the focus is on Quincy (Riley Reid) and her recovery from previous events. As a showcase for Reid, the film works perfectly. And I’d say that any serious fan of hers should own it.

The same could be said for Capri Cavanni, who plays Quincy’s step-mom to be.

In fact, I think all of the performances are solid. Ryan Mclane is probably the best stud in the game when it comes to roles that also require acting and proves it in this role.

Is it worth owning? Yes. It’s one of the few feature movies I’ve seen this year where I feel the performances are noteworthy.

Will you remember this volume above the first one? Probably not.

Check out the trailer below, and then pick up your copy today by visiting the Your Choice Web Shop.


Summer Sale Continues at Your Choice – Don’t Miss Out!

homegrownvideo850Our seasonal sale is off to a scorching start!

Then again, it’s not surprising is it? With 40 films from top studios in their respective genres at only GBP/EUR 13.50 each, how could one say no?

If you haven’t already placed your order, you can start adding the films you fancy to your virtual shopping cart by clicking here.

There are a few special films in the sale we’d like to draw your attention to. Our staff found them to be particularly impressive, and that’s no easy task.

HOMEGROWN VIDEO #850 – One of the more perfect examples of American homemade porn we’ve seen in recent memory. All of the girls are absolutely delightful in their own way, everyone’s having fun, and there’s real chemistry throughout. These are real lovers doing what they do when no one is watching.

Our reviewers’ favourite scene saw busty chubby Candy in a threesome with her boyfriend and a friend. She’s in absolutely ecstasy when they start spit-roasting her – you can tell by the look on her face!

TEENAGE SEX ADDICTS – It’s hard to describe just how pretty the girls in this movie are. Demida is simply breathtaking – looking more like a young Hollywood sweety or pop idol princess than a porn star. She had the guys around the office all aflutter.

Brunette Adriana and blonde Hannah get together for a threesome with what can only be described as the lucking fucking bloke in Eastern Europe. Every now and then, the girls sneak a look at each other as if you silently say, “Can you believe we’re doing this?” It’s pure magic, we assure you.

puresexualattractionPURE SEXUAL ATTRACTION – The first volume in the super glamour-hardcore series and in our opinion, a collector’s piece.  Veronica Radke and Emily Grey are two of the most naturally beautiful models to hit the US porn scene in years. Unfortunately, both left the industry after only a handful of hardcore performances, so this film is something of a treasure.

Another girl who left the industry is Chase Ryder. She’s curvy without being chubby and gives the most intense, realistic performance of film. Her scene is worth the price alone.

And it’s worth mentioning once again that Girlfriends Films beloved ROAD QUEEN series will be coming to an end after just a few more volumes. Any serious collector of modern erotica should at least have the first volume in their collection since the series is truly one of the all time greatest in the lesbian sex genre.

Of course, you can view all the items in our Summer Sale and place your order immediately by clicking here.


Brand New Viewers’ Wives Released + 25% Off Previous Editions

Your Choice Viewers' Wives #62The highly anticipated 62nd volume of Your Choice Viewers’ Wives has finally arrived…

…And you’re going to love it!

We guarantee it!

This is the genuine article – full stop. No other amateur production can compare. Across 10 scenes you’re treated to something very special – a look in on the sex lives of real people (in all shapes, sizes and ages) from across the United Kingdom and beyond.

In Viewers’ Wives #62, you get a little bit of everything – from playful solos and lesbian affairs to threesomes in various combos.

And at only GBP/EUR 19.50, there’s no reason to hesitate.

Watch a Free Preview and order your copy today by clicking this link.


To celebrate the release of the latest film, we’ve marked down the price on previous editions of the world famous, home-shot sex series.

With the 25% discount, you’ll pay only GBP/EUR 13.00! It’s the perfect opportunity to fill in your collection or try something new.

Start adding the ones you fancy to your online shopping cart now!

If you prefer fetish sex, be sure to get a copy of Xtra Kinky Viewers’ Wives! It contains nearly four hours wall-to-wall sex that’ll have your hair standing on end! It includes plenty of bizarre acts including food play, strange insertions, wet sex, fisting, and much more in a total of 28 scenes!

Sale prices are valid until 19:00 UK time on Saturday 13 June 2015.

Speaking of bargains, don’t forget that our Summer Sale is in full swing! There’s plenty from which to choose, including shows from Teen Erotica, glamour hardcore from Pure Passion, the beloved Road Queen series from Girlfriends Films, and more! All at the impossible-to-resist price of only GBP/EUR 13.50!


Some pictures of Eurowebtainment 2015

Here are a few pictures of the wet t-shirt contest at the EWT in Majorca this year. You can click them and see the large image for a better look.






Rocco Retires from Performing (and I Feel Fine)

roccosperfectslaves2Word is that Rocco Siffredi has retired from performing.

One could easily make an argument for Rocco being porn’s greatest, all-time stud. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re looking at it from an American standpoint or from the European perspective. He’s conquered both.

I won’t lie, he’s never been one of my personal favourites, but that’s neither here nor there.

What is important is that he’s one of the most prolific and influential male performers in history, and nothing could ever take that away from him. Dare I say, he laid the ground work for the rough sex genre as we know it.

He fucks like he means it. He’s been a source of controversy while simultaneously being celebrated.

Rocco’s a big deal.

But there’s a part of me that’s glad to see him retire from performing.

There have, unfortunately, been great studs that overstayed their welcome. Guys that clearly couldn’t live up to their own legend and become something of a joke – either in a way that appeared to be on purpose or otherwise.

Luckily, that won’t happen with Rocco.

By giving it up at this age (nearly 51 years), we won’t see him fade into a shadow of his former self. We won’t have to see him desperately trying to hold his alpha status when he’s clearly been passed-by.

We get to remember him like he is, one of the greats. As they say, a man women want, and that other men want to be.

Thanks for the fine performances, Rocco.

That said, here’s the trailer for my favourite film of his in recent memory – Rocco’s Perfect Slaves #2. Granted, it has more to do with the performances put in by Sam Bentley and Alina Henessy than Rocco himself, but it’s brilliant stuff now matter how you wanna look at it.


Free Hardcore Preview: James Deen’s Amateur Applications

So. The pro-am genre.


In the nearly 15 years I’ve been involved in the porn business, the pro-am sub-category of amateur porn is one I’ve rarely seen executed well. I don’t know why that’s the case either. It seems like an easy formula. Cute, fresh-faced newbie + experienced and reliable stud + competent director = fun porno. But it’s clearly not that simple.

I guess part of the problem is that the directors often fancy themselves to have the gift of gab with these girls, and that’s just not the case. I love interview segments with new girls when they’re done well, but most of the time…

…again. Ugh.

James Deen’s hit the mark with Amateur Applications, though. Instead of the standard interview with the girls as a lead-in, he actually talks to them like human beings.

So that helps.

And then when it comes time to start banging, they do. Nothing about this show feels formulaic. Each pairing comes off like two people who actually want to fuck each other doing just that. The camera is not a character in the scene. It’s just there doing what it does. Recording. And it doesn’t intrude on the fun being had.

For reference, the full cast includes Amy Riskowitz, Diana Colton, Ella Nova, Yhivi, Jay Taylor,  and of course, James Deen.

Take a look at the preview below and I think you’ll agree.

You’ll also agree that Jay Taylor is cute enough to make a Ford man drive a Fiat. Damn. Just. Damn.

Then, of course, we suggest you get your hands on the full-length film by clicking here.


What Exactly is Porn for Women?

A post over on Adult DVD Talk on the topic of romance-themed porn movies got me thinking about this.

I see various terms/categories on adult sites that indicate that the films are intended for women. Go to any retail or video-on-demand site and you’ll likely find something of that variety. Made of Women, For Ladies, For Women, Porn for Women, and Female Friendly are just a few category names I’ve run across.

Looking at the content of those categories, there seems to be a general assumption that women are particularly (if not exclusively) interested in lovey-dovey, story-driven feature films shot with soft-focus lenses and featuring Harlequin novel type covers.

And I just don’t buy it.

I’ve been kicking around the porn business since 2001 and have the ability to talk objectively about porn while not sounding pervy. As a result, women have often spoken candidly to me about their own tastes in porn.

What I’ve discovered is this…

…Women’s taste in porn are as diverse as men’s. The range of preferences I’ve heard runs from mild to wild and everything in between. I’ve known women who prefer porn featuring men in gay sex scenarios and those who prefer girls with girls or some threesome melange. I’ve talked to women who want to see simple things such as eye contact between the actors during the act of copulation. I’ve heard women discuss how they enjoy elaborate, and sometimes downright twisted scenarios (including those considered taboo). I’ve talked to women who fantasize, but are not interested in engaging in extremely rough and/or humiliating sex acts. I’ve heard women discuss how they want to see women in a position of power or aggression.

I’ve known those enjoy the concepts of Dominance and submission.

I’ve heard women say that they only wish there were more realistic looking people in porn engaging in more realistic sex.

The point is this.

There is no such thing as ‘porn for women’ because women are as diverse in tastes, experiences, motivations, and desires as men.

And anyone who tells you men-are-this-way, but women-are-that-way is either lying or stereotyping.

And yes, I concede this is perhaps the least worrisome gender issue we face in the Western World. But porn is my job, and I take it seriously. And I wish that we as an industry would stop trying to tell women what they want, and instead, listen to what they want.

Worst case scenario, we actually get some more customers.

-Scott McGowan


32nd Annual AVN Award Winners!

anikkaalbriteblog2014 Was a particularly excellent year for blue movies! In late January, the AVN Awards ceremony (sometimes referred to as the Oscars of porn) took place in Las Vegas to recognize the best of the best!

Here are a few winners of note. When you see movies listed below with their links, we suggest you consider adding them to your next order. In short, they’re all phenomenal adult films worth owning!

Anikka Albrite took home the coveted award for Female Performer of the Year for her sensational body of work. Films of particular note are feature films Untamed Heart, The Long Hard Ride, and her muiti-award winning showcase for HardX, Anikka #2.

cartercruiseblogCarter Cruise made a huge splash in 2014 and was awarded with the title of Best New Starlet! She was also honoured with the award for Best Actress for her stand-out performance in Second Chances. That film also won Best Romance Movie. If you’d like to see more of why Carter has become such a celebrated star, Meet Carter Cruise, Student Bodies #2, and DP Me #2 get our highest recommendations.

Aftermath, a Brad Armstrong directed blockbuster for Wicked Pictures that won three major awards including Best Drama, Best Director – Feature, and Best Screenplay. We highly recommend this film for anyone who particularly fancies classic movies, as Aftermath follows in the footsteps of Golden Age greats!

supercuteHardX, arguably modern porn’s greatest active gonzo studio, took a whopping nine awards. Among those wins are Best Young Girl Release for Super Cute, and Best Orgy/Gangbang Release for Gangbang Me. HardX’s primary director, Mason also took home two major awards including Director of the Year and Best Director – Non-Feature for Allie.

Finally, for fans of lesbian erotica, it’s worth noting that a rare tie occurred between Alexis & Asa by Adam & Eve Pictures and Women Seeking Women #100 from Girlfriends Films for Best All-Girl Release.

Congrats to all the winners, including those not listed here. Thanks to all of you for making 2014 such a great year!

NOTE: A similar article will be be printed on the Back Page of our mail-order catalogue slated for release week 9 2015. If you’d like to receive our printed catalogues by post, contact us using the information here.

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