What Exactly is Porn for Women?

A post over on Adult DVD Talk on the topic of romance-themed porn movies got me thinking about this.

I see various terms/categories on adult sites that indicate that the films are intended for women. Go to any retail or video-on-demand site and you’ll likely find something of that variety. Made of Women, For Ladies, For Women, Porn for Women, and Female Friendly are just a few category names I’ve run across.

Looking at the content of those categories, there seems to be a general assumption that women are particularly (if not exclusively) interested in lovey-dovey, story-driven feature films shot with soft-focus lenses and featuring Harlequin novel type covers.

And I just don’t buy it.

I’ve been kicking around the porn business since 2001 and have the ability to talk objectively about porn while not sounding pervy. As a result, women have often spoken candidly to me about their own tastes in porn.

What I’ve discovered is this…

…Women’s taste in porn are as diverse as men’s. The range of preferences I’ve heard runs from mild to wild and everything in between. I’ve known women who prefer porn featuring men in gay sex scenarios and those who prefer girls with girls or some threesome melange. I’ve talked to women who want to see simple things such as eye contact between the actors during the act of copulation. I’ve heard women discuss how they enjoy elaborate, and sometimes downright twisted scenarios (including those considered taboo). I’ve talked to women who fantasize, but are not interested in engaging in extremely rough and/or humiliating sex acts. I’ve heard women discuss how they want to see women in a position of power or aggression.

I’ve known those enjoy the concepts of Dominance and submission.

I’ve heard women say that they only wish there were more realistic looking people in porn engaging in more realistic sex.

The point is this.

There is no such thing as ‘porn for women’ because women are as diverse in tastes, experiences, motivations, and desires as men.

And anyone who tells you men-are-this-way, but women-are-that-way is either lying or stereotyping.

And yes, I concede this is perhaps the least worrisome gender issue we face in the Western World. But porn is my job, and I take it seriously. And I wish that we as an industry would stop trying to tell women what they want, and instead, listen to what they want.

Worst case scenario, we actually get some more customers.

-Scott McGowan


We Don’t Update This Enough (We Know)

You can consider this an apology if you like.

That said, I feel like I should explain, at least a little.

Your Choice is a small company, but we do quite a bit of business. The people that work here (like me) end up wearing a lot of hats as they say.

Sometimes, those hats are worn simultaneously.

Sometimes, those hats are worn simultaneously.

That means that projects that aren’t 100% essential to day-to-day operations are neglected, especially when people are away on holidays and such.

It kind of sucks, because I really enjoy entertaining all you wonderful pervs.

But the important take-away from all this though is that our Web Shop never goes ignored. We may not be able to update the blog, but you can be sure we’re keeping up with all the latest, greatest porn in the world – day in and day out.

And that’s not just hyperbole, either. We reject a lot of DVD’s because they don’t meet our quality standards.

Anyway, I’m not doing my job if I don’t encourage you to go buy some fucking porn right this moment. One of my bosses insists I “ask for the sale.”

Speaking of porn you should buy

Here’s a picture of Samantha Bentley and Lexi Lowe (Your Choice Girl of the Year 2014) with Omar Williams‘ spooge on their faces.


This is a promo image for Night Creatures, the latest big thing from Harmony.

Go on. Get yours now and make me look good to my bosses.



Problems with Porn: Does This Look Like a Fucking Nurse to You?

Take a look at the following photo.  It’s a screen shot from nurse-themed movie that came across my desk. As such, you’d think proper looking uniforms would be a given.

That said, allow me to ask, “Does this look like a fucking nurse to you?”


Properly lacing a PVC corset is an important part of nursing school.

Now, I know what some of you are going to say. “It’s porn. What do you expect?”

I’ll tell you. I expect porn producers to do their best and not shit out a disposable, misleading product.

And you might think that no one cares, but I know some do.  I’m one of them.

Another example is that we have a customer who’s really into themed, costume movies. Anything with nurses, offices girls, etc. he wants. And he doesn’t really want anything else.

I knew this movie was here, and I didn’t even want to recommend it to him. Because even if the other scenes on the disc do feature (really fucking cheap) nurses costumes, how would I feel about if I paid full price for something so remarkably mediocre based on the recommendation of someone who knows better?

So I personally did not recommend it.

Producers might be thinking, “Oh, it’s just a few sales here and there. It’s the big numbers that matter.”

Fuck you.

I’m here to tell you, John Q. Porn-Producer, your big numbers will get a fuck-ton smaller if you don’t give a damn about your product. Reason being, everyone else will stop giving a damn as well.

And before you continue with your bullshit excuses, let me say this.

People in the porn business love to moan about how piracy  has caused our industry’s downturn. And I can’t deny that file sharing of this variety or that is a problem.

But there’s a reason so many people think they deserve porn movies for free. It’s because many products lack value.

There are plenty of notable exceptions to this, of course. I could rattle off a dozen studios and directors that go above and beyond – people who are passionate about what they do. And frankly, 2014 is a good time for quality porn.

After all, lots of barely mediocre to downright awful porn companies fell apart in the late 2000’s and early teens.

But there are still plenty of lingering, lazy fucks producing porn.

Customer beware.

(And yes. I’m writing this as a retailer.)

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