Free Hardcore Preview: Creampie Virgins from Reality Junkies

I’ve personally fallen in love with the Reality Junkies line over the years. They always bring the fun.

But if there was one thing the studio needed, it was new series. When Creampie Virgins (along with Teen Hitchhikers and She’s My Stepmom) came across my desk, it felt like they’d read my mind.

Are these new series ground-breaking or otherwise something completely different from what they’ve done previously? No. But Reality Junkies’ films are consistent above all things. If you like their style as much as we do, you can always order their DVDs with confidence. There’s no such thing as a dud. Ever.

Check out the preview for Creampie Virgins below and order your copy here.


The full female cast of Creampie Virgins includes Ashley Adams, Angel Smalls, Molly Manson, and Adria Rae.


So, You Want to Be a Porn Star

There was a time, when I was a more forward facing personality in the world of porn, that I was constantly asked, “How do I get into porn?” It may be a rehash of some things I’ve said in the past, but I’m going to answer the question here, just in case anyone’s reading.

First of all, if you’re thinking about getting into the porn business, ask yourself why.

Why do you want to get into the porn business? Think about it hard. Be honest with yourself. After all, no one else is listening.

Go ahead. I’ll wait…

If your answer isn’t something akin to, “This. This is what I want to do with my life. This is the career I  genuinely want to pursue and excel in,” then I suggest you reconsider your interest in porn.

The fact of the matter is that porn doesn’t go away like it once did. In our digital age, a porn scene is forever. It will be duplicated, sold, repackaged, sold again, uploaded to a tube site, and so on. Your sexual performance will never, ever, go out of print. And while it’s silly and prudish, the stigma of sex work isn’t likely to change for your generation. While I personally don’t understand it, there are loads of people (particularly in the United States) who labour under the delusion that a person’s ability to suck three dicks at the same time and make it look good on camera makes them ill-suited to sell insurance, teach mathematics, aid the sick, or (insert mainstream job of your choice here). It’s dumb, but it’s reality.

Now, let’s just say that you really do want to make porn your career and potentially, your life’s work. What should you do?

Honestly, go to school.

Yes, I realize that your local college or university doesn’t have courses on how to push a house plant past your anal sphincter or ejaculating on command, but hear me out.

Porn is a business. It could be said that it’s also an art, but above everything else, it’s a business. You want to make a career out of this right? You want to eat and pay the electric bill, right?

Go to school.

Get a degree in marketing, go to film school, learn web design. Whatever. But don’t think you’ll survive the changing tide of porn based solely on your appearance and ability to look good having sex. You can get away with that for awhile, but if you want this to be a career, you’ll need more.

From that point, you have a basis for success.

In terms of actually getting started in porn, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.

Hire a competent photographer (or if you like, do some sort of content exchange where both you and the photographer have ownership of the images) and have some good photos and possibly demo video taken. And for fuck’s sake, listen to the photographer. If he or she tells you to point your toes, raise your chin, pop your hip out, etc., do it. That’s what models do. This is a business of fantasy and illusion. Don’t take offense.

Contact producers and other models whom you admire (in many cases, they can easily be found on social media) and get advice on the right talent agent for you (this is absolutely necessary in the US and Europe, less so in the UK).

Be prepared to work hard. Porn is not easy.

Be prepared to invest time and money into your appearance. Stay in shape. I don’t mean that you have to be skinny or fit into a particular body standard. But having sex for a hours on end requires physical stamina. Budget money for things like a good stylist. If you’re a woman, learn how to do your own make up well, as many porn sets will not have an artist there. This is the entertainment industry, after all, and there’s a big emphasis on appearances, for good or ill.

Avoid excess. I’m not gonna say you can’t smoke a joint at the end of the day or have a couple drinks here and there, but don’t get caught up in the vicious cycles in which so many others in the entertainment business find themselves trapped. Addiction can and mostly likely will end your career before it needs to end. And it damn well could end your life.

Never compromise. Never let anyone talk you into something you don’t want to do or are not ready to do.

Show up to your job on time. Do what’s been agreed upon. Ask for and expect clear information on what you’re expected to do on a shoot before you arrive. And if they ask you do something different, remember that you can always walk away. E-mail is your friend. Get those expectations in writing.

And ultimately, take pride in your work. Take pride in who you are and who you choose to be. If you don’t, no one else will give a damn.

And if you’re not prepared to do all of these things and more, it’s simple. Don’t get into the porn business.


A New British Invasion into American Porn?

I can’t be the only one that’s noticed an increase in top, female, British talent showing up in American productions.

This is simultaneously a crying shame and something wonderful.

The bad news is that this new exodus indicates just how bad things really are in the UK porn scene. DVD releases from Britain are virtually non-existent. And there are only a few producing a polished product for the web. Porn actresses can only go so far in the UK these days and it’s clear that making a living is damn tough.

Simply put, there just isn’t a lot of work for the models.

The good news is that by working for American companies, we get to see these performers in films that are made, by and large, by some of the best studios in the world. Samantha Bentley and Ava Dalush seem to have started the trend, working for companies like Evil Angel, Kink.com, Girlfriends, Digital Sin/New Sensations, and Amateur Allure among others. Jasmine Jae, Stella Cox, and Lexi Lowe recently followed suit, working for many of the same companies.

And while I loved seeing these performers in British productions from the likes of Harmony and JoyBear (along with the occasional, British-made feature for Marc Dorcel), it didn’t afford a lot of variety for porn fans.

Either way, I do hope the trend continues. From my point of view, the UK adult film industry will likely continue it’s decline. That’s due in large part to government over-regulation, of course, coupled with myriad other issues that make things difficult.

Either way, it seems that for the foreseeable future, if you want to see British talent in professionally produced adult films, it’ll need to be in European or US productions. And in my opinion, the US provides more consistent quality/variety for customers and opportunity for performers.

Also, you probably didn’t read all this since I didn’t post any naked chicks.



Free Hardcore Preview – Dominance & Submission from Digital Sin/The Lesbian Experience

Once again, I’m happy to see something a little different in the lesbian genre.

Let me preface everything I’m about to say with this: Girl-girl movies aren’t really my favourite. And that’s due in large part to the fact that it really can get kind of same-y. If it weren’t for the awesome, oft-times hilarious stories that have become so prevalent in lesbian porn, I’d only get so much joy out of them.

Adding a reasonably authentic BDSM twist goes a long way, and that’s why I personally recommend Dominance & Submission, just as I do the Hard in Love series from Evil Angel.

Watch the trailer, and tell us what you think. Of course, you can buy your own copy of Dominance & Submission at Your Choice now.


The full cast of Dominance & Submission from Digital Sin includes Anna Bell Peaks, Adria Rae, Katrina Jade, Aidra Fox, Rachael Madori, Samantha Hayes, Lyra Law, and Skin Diamond.


Free Hardcore Preview – Hardcore Gangbang: The Satanic Virgin Sacrifice of Carter Cruise

Carter Cruise may be the best in the business. Chief among the arguments would be her superior versatility as an adult film performer.

One moment, you have a performances like this one, The Satanic Virgin Sacrifice of Carter Cruise for Kink’s Hardcore Gangbang line.

And then next you have something like Second Chances – a romance, story driven film for which she won AVN Award for Best Actress.

You might be able to come up with a handful of others that are capable of pulling this off, but I assure you that they are far and few between.

You can pick up your copy of Hardcore Gangbang – The Satanic Virgin Sacrifice of Carter Cruise at Your Choice, but please note that we cannot ship this title to residents of the United States  because Murica.


The full cast list of Hardcore Gangbang – The Satanic Virgin Sacrifice of Carter Cruise includes Tommy Pistol, John Strong, Owen Gray, Astral Dust, Bill Bailey and Carter Cruise


Free Hardcore Preview – Anal Models #3 from Tushy.com w/ Leah Gotti

We’ve already made our case for Greg Lansky being one of the greatest active directors in porn, so we’ll skip that part.

As such, I’ll mention that Leah Gotti, who performs her first anal sex scene in Anal Models #3, has to be a contender for Best New Starlet at the AVN Awards. I’ll be disappointed if she isn’t.

And if you’re at all like me and would like to know more about her, you can read an interview she did with our friends at Adult DVD Talk here.

Here’s the trailer. You can buy your copy of Anal Models #3 at Your Choice today.


The full cast of Anal Models #3 includes Alexa Tomas, Kinsley Eden, Leah Gotti, and Taylor Sands


Free Hardcore Preview – #Fuckgirls from Evil Angel and Aiden Riley

When Belladonna left porn, it left a gaping hole (HA!) in our perverted little souls. Luckily, Aiden Riley (her business partner) kept things going.

Aiden recently debuted #Fuckgirls, which he described as “a reboot of the ‘Belladonna’s Fucking Girls’ series,” with a touch of fetish.

Personally, I’d say there’s a bit more than a touch of fetish, but then again, I guess I’m pretty vanilla.

This is certainly the start of something good (and needed) in lesbian porn. I love my stories from Girlfriends, Sweetheart, and Girlsway, but sometimes, I just wanna see chicks fuckin’. And I’m guessing I’m not alone.

Check out the trailer, and then get your copy of the #Fuckgirls (2 Disc Set) at Your Choice today.


The full cast list of #Fuckgirls includes Abella Danger, Alexa Nova, Alina West, Ash Hollywood, Gabriella Paltrova, Karlee Grey, Yhivi, and Ziggy Star


Free Hardcore Preview – Bi College Experience from Bi Empire

If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say that the bisexual male market is among the most underserved in porn. Add to that, most of the bisexual porn I’ve seen has been less than impressive, particularly when it comes to production quality.

Enter Bi Empire, certainly the best line of DVDs featuring bisexual men (with women) that I’ve ever seen. Bi College Experience, in particular got my attention.

I know a lot of our regular readers aren’t really into this kind of thing. But if you’ve ever been curious and found yourself disappointed by what you’ve found online previously, please watch this trailer.

And when you’re finally not disappointed, buy the DVD at our shop.


The full cast of Bi College Experience includes Angelo Godshack, Nathaly Heaven, Vanessa Decker, Katy Rose, Anina Silk, Jeffrey Lloyd, Nick Gill, Ray Mannix, Nick Vargas, Joel Vargas, and Miky Bold.


Free Hardcore Preview: Girl/Boy #2 from Dana Vespoli & Evil Angel

I don’t want to get too deep into a social commentary about gender identity and such, but I’ll say this:

I’m thankful that someone as skilled as Dana Vespoli is finally doing this kind of thing in mainstream porn. Girl/Boy #1 and it’s sequel are needed.

Even if you don’t identify yourself as queer/gender-bent/what-the-fuck-ever, this is something worth watching; if only to simply understand that there’s something beyond the gay/straight/bi/trans paradigm with which so many of us seem to be beaten over the head.

Finally I just want to say that Buck Angel is a hell of a guy. I met him once in 2006 or so, and he was super cool to me. I’ll never forget that. And Buck, if you’re reading this, thanks for that.

You can buy Girl/Boy #2 over at Your Choice after you’ve watch the trailer below.


The full cast of Girl/Boy #2 features Dana Vespoli, Sovereign Syre, Venus Lux, Valentina Nappi, Buck Angel, Jiz Lee, Markus Dupree, and Ruckus


Fucking Horny DVD – New from Your Choice w/ Free Preview

Next to our own productions we have done a fair amount of co-productions here at Your Choice. You get some cool DVDs from the likes of Daisy Rock, Zara DuRose or Michelle Thorne. This month we had another one among the new releases, it is called “Fucking Horny” and it is a shared project between Mariska X from Belgium and us.

I am the one making these DVDs so I hope that so far you had a good user experience and enjoyed watching our movies. When this last project was put forward to me I was probably in the same boat as some of you and had no clue who she was, so I was interested to find out what I missed (or didn’t miss) in my porn life so far.

While screening the first scenes I got really excited about the project. The scenes were really fun to watch. There were genuine laughs, a bit of humour, good atmosphere and there was chemistry. A lot of chemistry.

Being an editor by trade makes me look at footage differently; I pay attention to technical aspects as well and sometimes it can be a curse and tarnish the fun. Now in this case I have to say while spotting some things that I would have different I couldn’t care less. I was simply enjoying watching it.

This first DVD (*hint*hint*) features Mariska X, Alessa Savage, Nathalie and Anita Vixen together with the studs Fenyx Santos, Dries Breyne and Pascal White.

There is no overall theme to it, some scenes have a vignette type story and others are just reality styled sex scenes. My two favourites are definitely “The Archivist” where Pascal White plays an archivist that is being seduced by Mariska X and “Happy Birthday” in which Pascal gets a very special birthday present from hottie Alessa Savage. She is gorgeous and the sex in both scenes is really hot.

I had a few comments from the “This looks like fun” type while putting it together so I hope the finished product lives up to it and you guys can enjoy it as much as I do.

For the people who are interested in these things: It was all shot and mastered in HD and only scaled down and encoded to MPEG2 and Dolby Digital 2.0 for the final output to DVD.

Here is the artwork and the cover and I’ll try to get some images for a gallery as well:

Fucking Horny 01 Cover

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