We Heart Porn Interviews: A Conversation with Satine Spark (Full)

Satine Spark is a favourite around the office, and after this sit-down interview, she’s even more endeared to us.

With her youthful looks and sweetie-pie demeanour, she’s known as one of Britain’s girl-next-door types. And that’s not act for the cameras. But in this interview, you’ll discover that she’s not a little girl, but rather a grown and very interesting woman.

We hope you enjoy watching this one as much as we did making it.

Satine Spark
Full Interview:

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We Heart Porn Interviews: A Conversation with Lucia Love (Full-Length)

One thing you’ll take away from our chat with Lucia Love is that she is only a porn performer in the most academic sense – she does have sex on camera for movies that are distributed for commercial purposes.

Perhaps more interesting though, is that she is one of the most genuine sexual adventurers we’ve ever met.

That is to say that she’s the real thing – not just an actress.

But aside from her sex life, you’ll learn about what makes her tick – her personal passions beyond the bedroom (or dungeon in some cases).


Lucia Love
Full Interview:

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We Heart Porn Interviews: A Conversation with Samantha Bentley (Full-Length)

When we landed in London for Xbiz EU, this is the one we had to have at all costs, even if we had to get back on a plane and fly to Ireland.

We sat down with Samantha at Fiamma Restaurant inside the Hilton Metropole Hotel and had less of an interview and more of a chat over dinner.

If you ever wanted to get the know the woman behind the sex star, this may be the best chance you’ll ever have. As far as I know, this is the only extended (nearly an hour), on camera interview you’ll find out there.
Full Interview:

Audio only (Download):

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